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3D Freehand Ultrasound Reconstructing a Knee Phantom
A robotics path planning algorithm finding a route to dislocation for the mobile bearing of Oxford Domed Lateral Unicompartmental Knee Replacement.
Radiostereometric Analysis (RSA) to define component migration or bearing wear - pictured is model-based RSA (RSAcore, Leiden, Netherlands) of the Oxford Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

Stephen Mellon

BSc (Hons) and PhD Biomedical Engineering

Associate Professor

At the Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Centre (OOEC) and with Prof. David Murray Stephen carries out research in Orthopaedic Biomechancs and specifically on implant design and patient factors affecting outcome in joint replacement . Stephen also works with Dr. Jack Tu on the development of methods for the combination of ultrasound imaging with motion capture.

In addition to his research interests, Stephen is a Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering Science at Lady Margaret Hall. Stephen is also a lecturer on Biomechanics on the MSc in Musculoskeletal Sciences.