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Anna Dorothea Senft (2012 - Present)

Anna joined the Wellcome Trust Graduate programme in Chromosome and Developmental Biology in 2012. During her first year, Anna completed two rotations in Liz Robertson's and Neil Brockdorff's lab. For her DPhil she joined Liz Robertson's lab. Anna’s goal is to understand how transcription factors of the TGFb pathway pattern the early mouse embryo. She combines CRISPR-Cas9 technology in embryonic stem cells and in vitro differentiation experiments with expression analysis on embryos in vivo to analyze the gene expression changes that underlie cell fate decisions in the mouse embryo.

"I think the WT CDB programme at the University of Oxford offers an exceptional environment to study chromatin and developmental biology on a highly competitive, international level. The rotations allow you to make an informed decision about your DPhil lab and project. Weekly seminars in the first year and organized meetings with fellow students cover diverse topics in the field and are a great way to plan your scientific career, together with the benefit of studying at one of the world’s best universities.”