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Many schools are looking for professionals who use Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) in their jobs to add some real-life applications and careers to the consciousness of their students. Visits to schools can be for careers fairs, science fairs, in- or out-of-lesson workshops, and talks.

Be ultra-conscious of time. Whether you are in lesson time or after school, there will be students who need to catch buses and trains, or simply another teacher who needs them in the next lesson. Try to design interactive elements, ideally that can be duplicated and spread around the classroom so that the students work in small groups.

You may be able to work with a school you already know, perhaps because your own children go there. If you do not have a ready-made contact, consider becoming a STEM Ambassador. The STEM Ambassadors programme will offer you some training, DBS check you and give you access to a database of requests from schools who would like someone to come and engage with their students.

There are other organisations who are looking for science content for school age students:

In2Science is working to increase diversity within the STEM community. IntoUniversity wishes to inspire the next generation into tertiary education. The Salter’s Institute is keen to support the teaching of chemistry. Indeed, all the learned societies have a mission to raise interest in their specialist subject.

Some organisations aim to support teachers and provide CPD and updates to people working in the teaching profession. Look at Teach First or the Times Education Supplement resources pages. Could you contribute there?

Your department may offer one of the UNIQ Summer Schools or your college may be interested to hear about your work for their widening participation programmes. Recently members of the Dept of Oncology worked with the Brilliant Club to assist in their mission to empower young people to seek access to universities.

The London International Youth Science Festival in August each year offers a chance to engage with an international student audience. The Nuffield Dept of Clinical Neuroscience have hosted visits since 2015 inspired by a for Head of Institute who had attended it himself in 1960s. A great reason to do engage with students, you never know who you will inspire. The Jenner Institute also hosted a group in 2022.