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There are venues and organisations that look for speakers to deliver public talks. These audiences are already switched on to science and the organization holding the talk will arrange venues and advertising.

Make sure you stick to time, be ruthless with jargon, and make sure you understand the venue and whether there will be any visual aids such as projectors.

Researchers have spoken at these venues in recent times:

  • SciBar Oxford – Science in the pub – there is one in Oxford, but the concept is much wider ranging. A good-humoured adult audience.
  • Café Scientifique – Science with coffee – in 60 locations across the UK. Like SciBar but with caffeine instead of beer!
  • Pint of science – Science in the pub. Visit the contact page of the Pint of Science website and put your name forwards. There is no guarantee you will be selected, but it does not hurt to volunteer. Contact them between October and March for the year after.

Other community groups might be pleased to hear from you. Members of MSD have spoken to U3A groups in Witney and Carterton, to Rotary and Lions groups, to patient support groups and local home educators.