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Oxford Medical Alumni (OMA) has provided a focus for alumni of the medical sciences at Oxford University since 1884. We offer opportunities for acquaintance and learning, and by promoting good fellowship bring together people who share a common interest in medicine. OMA meets at regular intervals in Oxford, and elsewhere, to continue our learning, to exchange ideas, to network and importantly to socialise.

About us

Osler House 1946

Oxford Medical Alumni is your best way of keeping in touch with all those with whom you shared the joys, and depths, of medical school life. In time we will invite you back to your decade reunion - to share tales of life since you qualified with friends and tutors. We have a large programme of reunions and look forward to seeing you once again. 

OMA is open to anyone who studied medicine or a related discipline at the University of Oxford.


2004 garden groupIf you are a matriculated member of Oxford University then you can join Oxford Medical Alumni. 

If you did not matriculate you can join OMA but your application will have to be approved by the OMA Board. As a paying member you can receive Oxford Medicine in printed form, and/or sign-up to receive the e-newsletter. We're always keen to hear from you - about your time at Oxford and what you've been doing since you graduated. You can play an active role in our Oxford medical community which brings benefits to you and helps strengthen our global alumni network. 

Update your details so we can send you publications, and invite you to events and reunions.

stay connectedYou might like to join the OMA Advisory Board (OMAAB) which comprises alumni, academics and friends and is guiding the growth of our network.  Find out more about the work of the OMAAB.


Osler House is still the focus for medical students at Oxford and OMA works hard to maintain links with current clinical students.We know that many of you                                                                      like to go back to revisit your old haunts and find out how things have changed (or not) since you left.

Osler House

If you would like to find out more about OMA, to revisit Osler House, or contribute to our development, or join the mailing list please get in touch with us.



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