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Information Asset Management

  • Providing guidance for students (Research Integrity)
  • have a personal responsibility to contribute to the effective management of the data they produce (Research Data Management )
  • protect confidential, personal and sensitive personal research data in accordance with legal and ethical requirements related to the research they conduct (Research Data Management)
  • keep an accurate and comprehensive record of their research, including documenting clear procedures for the collection, storage, use, reuse, access and retention or deletion of the research data associated with their records. Where appropriate, this should include defining and documenting protocols and responsibilities in collaborative research projects. (Research Data Management)
  • recognise Intellectual Property arising from their research activities and manage that Intellectual Property according to any funder requirements or contractual obligations (Research Data Management)
  • preserve and provide appropriate access to their research data supporting outputs after the end of their project for as long as it has continuing value, in accordance with legal and funder requirements and paying due regard to discipline norms and cost (Research Data Management)
  • strongly consider depositing their data supporting outputs in an appropriate data repository (Research Data Management)
  • agreeing arrangements (with their Head of Department or nominee) as to where their research data will be stored and who will have access to this after they leave (or retire from) the University (Research Data Management )

Principal and Chief Investigators have overall responsibility for:

  • effective data management during research projects (Research Data Management)
  • understanding and complying with the requirements of any relevant contract with or grant to the University that includes provisions regarding the ownership, preservation and dissemination of research data. (Research Data Management)