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From 8am

Registration and coffee

9am - Welcome

Professor John Geddes (Director NIHR Oxford Health BRC and Emeritus Chair, NIHR Mental Health Translational Research Collaboration)

9.15am - Keynote

The Quest to make a real difference in mental illness: a shared societal responsibility

Professor Husseini Manji (Co-chair, UK Mental Health Mission) 



10.10am - Industry Insight

Supporting the NHS, transforming healthcare: How academia and industry can collaborate to deliver positive impact

Dr Oliver Harrison (CEO, Koa Health and The Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Oxford)

10.30am - Lightning Talk Session One: Experimental Medicine for drug development

  1. Neurocognitive models of fast acting antidepressant action, Professor Catherine Harmer (Depression Therapeutics theme co-lead, Oxford Health BRC)
  2. Cognition and cholinergic function in Psychosis, Dr Robert McCutcheon (Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford)
  3. Microbiome in Mental Health, Dr Amedeo Minichino (Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford)

11am - Industry workshop session A

  1. Trials in Cognitive Impairment Associated with Schizophrenia (CIAS) and best practices: Past, present and future - Bristol Myers Squibb            
  2. The challenge of treating mental health conditions in Primary Care - how digital treatments can help - Big Health
  3. What factors are associated with an increased placebo response and how can we optimise trial design to account for these and increase the ability to detect the efficacy of novel treatments? - Boehringer Ingelheim


Networking lunch


How industry can benefit from Patient and Public Involvement in research

Dr Thomas Kabir (Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford)

1pm - Lightning Talk Session Two: Efficient Clinical Trials

  1. Count me In: An opt out approach for targeted recruitment in clinical trials, Dr Anneka Tomlinson (Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford)
  2. CBD as a novel treatment for psychosis, Professor Philip McGuire (Data Science theme, Oxford Health BRC)
  3. Incorporating patient preferences in precision psychiatry trials, Dr Edoardo Ostinelli (Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford)

1.30pm - Industry workshop session B

  1. Common pathophysiological hallmarks and mechanisms in neurological and psychiatric conditions - Angelini Pharma
  2. How do we gather evidence to assess the efficacy of topical pain relief based on menthol? - Reckitt Benckiser
  3. What is the best approach to determine which aspects of human EEG signals represent a pragmatic biomarker of the psychedelic experience? - COMPASS Pathways

2.30pm - Lightning Talk Session Three: Non-drug based interventions and technologies

  1. Targeting the Sleep and Circadian Systems for Mental Health Improvement, Professor Simon Kyle (Sleep theme, Oxford Health BRC)
  2. VR-based interventions for avoidance behaviour in patients with chronic pain, Professor Ben Seymour (Pain theme co-lead, Oxford Health BRC)
  3. How effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a virtual reality treatment for patients with psychosis has impacted NICE guidelines, James Altunkaya (Health Economics Research Centre, Oxford Health BRC)



3.30pm - Lightning Talk Session Four: Data and Omics

  1. Developing prognostic tools in Mental Health, Professor Seena Fazel (Data Science theme co-lead, Oxford Health BRC)
  2. Using omics data to drive target discovery and validation, Professor Paul Harrison (Molecular Targets theme co-lead, Oxford Health BRC)
  3. Personalising antidepressant treatment in real-world practice, Professor Andrea Cipriani (Data Science theme co-lead, Oxford Health BRC)

4pm - closing roundtable

Why UK for psychiatry drug discovery and development?

Professor John Geddes (Director NIHR Oxford Health BRC and Emeritus Chair, NIHR Mental Health Translational  Research Collaboration)

Professor Sir Simon Lovestone (Global lead Neuroscience Discovery and Translation, Janssen)

Professor Rachel Upthegrove (Chair, NIHR Mental Health Translational Research Collaboration)

Dr Oliver Harrison (CEO, Koa Health)

Dr Vanessa Raymont (Director of Research and Development, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust)

5pm - 6pm

Networking drinks