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The Industry Fellows and Postdocs Network was established in 2018 and comprises of around 150 postdoctoral researchers and fellows currently working on collaborative programmes with Novo Nordisk, Bristol Myers Squibb (Celgene), UCB, Novartis, Elysium, Pfizer, Vertex, GSK, Genentech, Astra Zeneca and Janssen.

The Industry Fellows and Postdocs Network has around 150 members, including both researchers who are working on industry projects and those who have recently completed a fellowship and are still located in Oxford either working for the University or in companies located here. Around 90 members are currently working on projects. 

Bringing together fellows and postdoctoral researchers who are working collaboratively with industry, this network provides opportunities for interacting with colleagues from across medical sciences through workshops and networking events. The network can also help researchers to focus on their career development and gain insights from Oxford’s industrial partners

The network is run by an enthusiastic committee of Fellows and Postdocs and is overseen by the Business Partnerships Office (BPO) in the Medical Sciences Division. 

The committee set the programme for the year, organise workshops and are developing a vision for what the network will look like into the future.

Network aims

The aims of the network are to bridge the cultural divide between academia and industry by: 

  • Inviting expert insights from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry
  • Providing training and coaching opportunities 
  • Fostering an exchange of ideas and experiences.

Anticipated outcomes

We hope that the outcomes of the network will be two-fold both at the individual-academic level (Fellow gains) and the academic community level (University gains)

Individual-academic level:

  • Enlighten on translation pipeline in industry 
  • Obtain direct feedback from industry 
  • Expand research interests for fellows 
  • Establish strong professional ties for fellows 
  • Develop skillset to prepare fellows for industry or academia at the translational interface 

 Academic-community level:

  • Shape strong Oxford-Industry fellowships to promote fruitful outcomes 
  • Promote more industry partnerships with the University and increase translation of academic research 
  • Increase interactions across and within Divisions