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about the coaching

One-to-one career coaching is most valuable for those in the final year of their fellowship or postdoctoral position. Through the flexible approach taken to the coaching it will allow you to explore your needs and thoughts relating to your career trajectory and how you can achieve your aims.

The coaching begins with an introductory meeting and the completion of a personality profile which helps the coach and fellow to explore elements of their character which can be utilised in different roles and helps to build self-awareness. Subsequent sessions build on this in terms of discussing career options until by the end of the third session you have an action plan to continue the thinking and move forwards with your choices.

Coaching takes place over video calls at times to suit you and the coach, and usually over a period of 2-3 months to allow you time between session to digest what has been discussed and have time for further thinking.

structure of the coaching sessions

Session 1: Getting to know you, completing a personality profile and starting your thinking around next steps in your career

Session 2: Clarifying and understanding your unique contribution in the sector and the role you want to play, expanding your network

Session 3: Developing a plan of action to secure your next role


  • over a period of months you will be able to set time aside to focus on your career development at a crucial stage of your fellowship/postdoc when change is on the horizon
  • you can develop a clear plan for your next steps and how you can prosper in the industry/academic landscape if this is your chosen route
  • you may gain ideas of who to go to for further advice, insight or support and consequently expand your network to support your trajectory
  • through the profile, you will develop self-awareness and a further understanding of your unique contribution to your current and potential future community in which you operate.

Meet the Coach

Tony Bradshaw - Managing Director, Biosocius (

My coaching philosophy is based on a foundation built on completing the Henley Business School Certificate in Coaching (Grade A+) and subsequent in depth training with Nancy Kline in ‘Time to Think’ practice ( and firework career coaching (

I specialise in coaching people early in their career, with an interest in life sciences and the impact can be fast and tangible. Some may feel that they are stuck in their organisational bubble and want an impartial perspective on their opportunities both within and outside their organisation. I believe everyone is unique and talented, and my approach helps define and channel someone’s technical skills, experience and personality to realise their ambition. Through the coaching session, you will be able to understand your best contribution within an organisation and a sector and find the best route to take the next step from your postdoctoral position.   

Testimonials from Fellows

I had my first session with Tony this morning and I really enjoyed it.  It’s been incredibly useful and after just one session I feel motivated and positive (rather than terrified) about the future.

I just want to thank you so much for letting me have a coach, it has been valuable to me, and Tony has been incredible, we still have one more session left.  I think my future is starting to form a bit better


How to apply

We have a limited number of places on the coaching programme each year.

Please email if you are interested in participating in the coaching programme. 

To be eligible to participate in coaching, you must be in the final year of your fellowship/postdoc and be working on a collaborative project with industry.

The coaching is fully funded, so no contribution is required from you, but we ask all participants to complete an evaluation afterwards to help us in our continuing evaluation of the programme.

Taking the Next Step coaching programme was successfully piloted in 2020 and now runs with support of the van Houten Fund and the Business Partnerships Office.