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The Industry Insights Seminar Series is hosted by the Business Partnerships Office

  • 12.00 -1.00 pm followed by lunch
  • In person and online
  • In person at Institute of Developmental & Regenerative Medicine (IDRM), Old Road Campus, Headington, OX3 7TY
  • Networking & 1:1 meeting opportunities

The Industry Insight Seminars provide the opportunity for Oxford scientists to attend a scientific seminar of interest and to network with industry scientists. Selected industry speakers provide seminars that are scientific in nature, across a range of medical or health topics.  Speakers are encouraged to bring along colleagues to facilitate networking; one to one meetings can be facilitated upon request.  Seminars are suitable for all scientists with some knowledge or interest in each topic area, from PhD students to PIs.  Although mostly aimed at an academic audience, those located in the BioEscalator and Wood Centre, as well as local spinouts, are welcome to attend. 

Please contact Sheena Lee if you have any questions or have an industry partner you would like to invite to speak

5th September 2024: Prevention is better than cure – realising a sustainable new paradigm to predict and pre-empt obesity and its consequences

Presenter: Professor Nadeem Sarwar 

Company: Novo Nordisk

Register by clicking on the following link: Registration

10th October 2024: Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine

Presenter: Thomas Freeman

Company: Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine

Description: Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine's diverse portfolio spans multiple therapeutic areas—Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary Hypertension, and Retina.

They are continuously working to develop treatments, aspiring to find cures, pioneering the path from lab to life, and championing patients every step of the way.

Register by clicking on the following link: Registration 

 Past events


Nicholas Zoulias - Azenta - Harnessing the power of multiomics from a single sample to explore tumor heterogeneity and advancing immuno-oncology

Dr Shea Hamilton - Somalogic - The transformative role of Somascan for protein biomarker discovery, validation and translation

Dr Sarantis Chlamydas – Olink - Precision proteomics broadens MultiOmics repertoire and enables biomarker discovery

Christel Iffland, Chris Birchall - OmniAb-Opening the Barn Door to Antibody Discovery with OmniAb

Jayne Wallace - Oxford Nanopore - Democratising sequencing: Latest from Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Luke Devey – Quell - Restoring the balance with Regulatory T Cell Therapies/ Opportunities and Challenges in Biotech, 2024


Balaji Modhagala, Subhagata Chattopadhyay – SquareML - AI-ML in Healthcare: Predicting 30-day Post-discharge Unplanned Readmission Risks in the Elderly - a Use Case

Casper Wilstrup – Abzu - Augmenting Drug Discovery with AI

Quin Wills - Ochre Bio - Maintaining Human Livers Outside of the Body

Jo Howson - Novo Nordisk - Genetics and Drug Discovery

onathan Kwok – Infinitopes - UK positioning as a cancer vaccine superpower- hyperbole or reality? Infinitopes as a CRUK-led cancer vaccine spinout from the Oxford ecosystem

Lisa Caproni - Touchlight - The Making of DNA:  The role of enzymatic doggybone DNA in enabling future genetic medicines

Daniel Tomé, Mariana Fontes – Olink - Understanding human disease in the post-genomics era

Hussein - Al-Mossawi – AstraZeneca - Targeting type 1 IFN in immune-mediated inflammatory disease


Iris-Valerie Stracke – Psious - Virtual reality and mental health

William Drewe, Martin Main - Medicines Discovery Catapult - Advancing UK Medicines Discovery through Innovative Partnerships

Jack Pearson - Natural Cycles - Natural Cycles: Revolutionising research in Women's Health

Jason Crain – IBM - Physical modelling and machine intelligence for accelerated discovery

Yatish Lad - Oxford BioMedica - Gene therapy – coming of age

Martin-Immanuel Bittner – Arctoris - Combining robotics and AI: the emergence of data-driven drug discovery

Anna Hakes – BridgeBio - Bridgebio Pharma: turning translational academic research into medicines for patients with genetic diseases


Ramneek Gupta - Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford - Target Discovery Opportunities using Machine Learning on Longitudinal Patient Journeys

Anjan Thakurta – BMS- Translational Fellowships: Perspectives from a BMS mentor and 5 Oxford fellows 

David Price -Vertex - Humanising drugs

Katharina Duerr - OMass - Development of Novel Medicines using high resolution native mass spectrometry of intact protein assemblies

Dr Manuela Zonca – PsiOxus - Tumour re-engineering

Joanna Gould – VisusNano - Novel drug-delivery in ophthalmology

Jane Osbourn, Paul Kellam – BIA - Accelerating Covid-19 Antibody Discovery Through Industry-Academia Consortium

Joe Fitchett - Mologic     - Transforming the path for equitable access to rapid diagnostics for epidemics

Ilona Gutcher – Bayer - Targeting the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AHR) as a novel immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer

David Lowe – Evox - Exosome-Based Therapies for the Treatment of Rare Genetic Diseases

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