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The Industry Insights Seminar Series is hosted by the Business Partnerships Office

  • First Thursday of every month
  • 12.00 -1.00 pm 
  • In person and via Zoom
  • In person at Institute of Developmental & Regenerative Medicine (IDRM), Old Road Campus, Headington, OX3 7TY
  • Networking & 1:1 meeting opportunities

Selected industry speakers provide seminars that are scientific in nature, across a range of medical or health topics.  Speakers are encouraged to bring along colleagues providing the opportunity for Oxford scientists to attend a scientific seminar of interest and also to network with industry scientists. One to one meetings can be facilitated upon request.  Seminars are suitable for all scientists with some knowledge or interest in each topic area, from PhD students to PIs.  Although mostly aimed at an academic audience, those located in the BioEscalator and Wood Centre, as well as local spinouts, are welcome to attend. 

Please contact Sheena Lee if you have any questions or have an industry partner you would like to invite to speak

5th October 2023: Maintaining human livers outside of the body (Ochre Bio)

Presenter: Quin Wills, CSO and Co-founder of Ochre Bio

Company: Ochre Bio

Description: Ochre Bio are developing therapies for the biggest liver health challenges, from increasing donor liver supply to reducing cirrhosis complications.

Register: by clicking on the following link: Registration

1st February 2024:  Oxford Nanopore

Presenter:  Jayne Wallis, Senior Director, Nanopore Research at Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Company: Oxford Nanopore

Description: Nanopore sequencing offers portable to ultra-high throughput scalability with real-time data delivery and the ability to reveal accurate, rich biological data through the analysis of short to ultra-long fragments of native DNA or RNA.

The platform is used by scientific researchers to solve real-world challenges through answering questions about the biology of people, plants, animals, pathogens and environments. It is also increasingly being used in ‘applied’ settings such as healthcare and food safety.

Register: by clicking on the following link: Registration

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