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Workshops take place three times per year and feature a variety of speakers and facilitators. The content is tailored to meet the needs of the network and feedback from each workshop shapes the content for the next.

Delegates in a seminar room

Upcoming Workshops

Workshop: Making the most of it! How to map your development and make the most of your postdoc/fellowship

Thursday 15th July 12:00 – 13:30 (please feel free to bring your lunch along!)

In this workshop we will take time to think about how you can start to map out your journey to get to where you want to be in a few years time. 

Register in advance for this meeting:

 What will you gain?

  • Build sector knowledge and understand how to source job opportunities
  • Enhance your profile and connections in the sector
  • Create a high-quality CV and get tips on having a good interview
  • An introduction to starting to understand yourself and the opportunities for your best contribution
  • Provide an opportunity to reflect on the sort of career that would best suit you
  • Hear from current Fellows about their experiences so far working with industry and the benefits of career coaching
  • Learn more about the reach of the Industry Fellows and Postdocs Network


Tony Bradshaw, Director of Biosocius, an organisation focused on engaging, connecting and realising the potential of people in the biotechnology sector

Realising your potential 

  • Introduction to mapping your personal development
  • Personality & Ambition
  • Planning ahead – academia, industry
  • Industry Landscape
  • Q & A / Discussion

 Charlotte Bell – Business Partnerships Manager             

  • The Industry Fellows and Postdoc’s network – who can you reach?

 Kate Lines - Oxford-BMS Fellow

  • Visiting and Working with Industry

 Matthias Friedrich – Oxford-Janssen Fellow and formerly UCB Fellow

  • Fellowship experiences at Oxford


Bioinformatics - Bulk RNA-seq data analysis (June 2021)


During the pandemic the work of many wet lab scientists was forced to stop, as people were not allowed in the lab. This has induced many researchers to dive into the coding and data analysis world and train themselves using online tutorials and courses.

This workshop was tailored to those researchers who wanted to improve and refresh their data analysis skills and was run by Dr. Frank Wessely from Cardiff University.

This bioinformatics training workshop was attended by biologists interested in learning how to use the popular R/Bioconductor environment to perform bulk RNA-seq data analysis.

In the introductory part, participants were given an overview on functional genomic approaches. This was followed by a guided and interactive session designed to introduce the main data analysis tools (a few outside the R environment), data types and workflows of RNA-seq analysis, including quality control of raw sequencing reads, mapping of reads to a genome/transcriptome, robust statistical testing to identify differentially expressed genes.



Are you interested in finding out how your research skills can fit into an organisation such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, GE Healthcare, GSK, and Exscientia to further life sciences discovery and the delivery of healthcare?

In this workshop we heard from some of the UK-based teams at these organisations working on initiatives to transform the future of health through scientific excellence and human-centred technologies such as artificial intelligence. We heard from Oxford academics who are actively collaborating with companies within this space.

Workshop Agenda:


  • Session 1 - Introduction to careers within the tech space utilising artificial intelligence
  • Session 2 - Career stories (Google, Exscientia, GSK, GE healthcare)
  • Session 3 - Artificial intelligence in academia


Exploring careers in Biopharma

In December 2020, we heard from some of the UK-based team at Bristol Myers Squibb who took us through their career stories highlighting how different functions of the business work to support the development of medicines as well as partnering with the NHS to improve patient care.

Beyond the Fellowship

At a workshop in December 2019, we heard from past fellows and postdocs who have now moved into different roles, and who gave their perspective on what it is like to work in large pharma, a spin out and a clinical academic setting. We also took time to explore out skill sets, career development and CVs. 

Speakers and facilitators included: 


  • Dr Hussein Al-Mossawi  - Director, Immunology Research Organisation, UCB (former UCB Prize Fellow)
  • Dr Ashling Holland - Principal Scientist, PepGen - Transitioning from Academia into a Spin-out
  • Dr Lynn Quek - Research Fellow and Clinical Haematologist (former Celgene Fellow) – securing an MRC Senior Clinical Fellowship
  • Dr Rachel Bray - University of Oxford Careers Service - Career development planning interactive session


Why is personality imporant for effective team work (Part 2)

October 2019

A deeper dive into personality and how it impacts on team work – with Tameron Chappell, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Building from a taster at a previous workshop we explored basic aspects of personality and how individual differences can make team working a dream...or a nightmare. Everyone completed a full personality test ahead the session and we all enjoyed looking over our individual results to get the best from the workshop. Tameron talked about some of the evidence around what is actually needed for effective team work and gave us tools that are useful when working closely with others

About Tameron Chappell, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, BSc. MSc. AFBPsS. Registered Psychologist, PPABP 

Tameron is a Chartered Psychologist, a registered Occupational Psychologist with the HCPC and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, an Affiliate Member of the Association for Coaching and a Principal Practitioner of the Association for Business Psychologists. She is qualified to use a wide range of psychometric instruments, is on the committee of The Psychometrics Forum and is the editor of Psyche the Newsletter of The Psychometrics Forum.

Careers insights from industry and personality in teams (PART 1)

June 2019

We spent the afternoon exploring the mechanics of drug discovery as well as Pharma careers (why/ what/ where/ how/ who?) with Luke, Rowann and Suzanne. Some of the topics covered included working on new or existing targets, supporting later stage compounds in phase 3 clinical trials and working on academic/industry collaborations from the industry perspective. We then had a taster of what was to come in the next workshop on personality and its importance in teamwork. 

Speakers and facilitators included: 


  • Luke Devey, Executive Director and Head of Early Discovery Biology, Immunology & Inflammation
  • Rowann Bowcutt, Senior Scientist, UCB
  • Suzanne Cole, Senior Scientist, UCB
  • Tameron Chappell, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, BSc. MSc. AFBPsS. Registered Psychologist, PPABP 


From drug discovery to FDA approval in 4 hours

July 2018 - Interactive workshop with Pfizer giving Industry Fellows an opportunity to put into action the Drug Discovery & Development Process

Participants were invited to work as a team to bring a drug from pre-clinical research through to final approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The 3D interactive session used a computer programme to simulate the entire spectrum of R&D process based decisions, and the group of industry fellows had to work together to advance the drug candidate forward (or not) in the space of 4 hours. Read more about the workshop

Dr Nick Clarke, Head of UK Academic Partnerships, Pfizer

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