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Animation pf Sherk with the play on words. Shrektococcus - Lord of the UTIs.

Written by Alexander Mafi, Osler House President 2018-19

With the recent arrival of the new clinical intake, both the academic year and the Osler event calendar are already in full swing. Over the last two weeks myself and the new committee have enjoyed welcoming the new 4th years to clinical medicine. During the day they have had teaching from sixth years on examination technique and history-taking to help prepare them for their first ward placements. In the evenings, the committee have put on a range of events including the meet and greet event with their ‘medic parents’, the annual fresher’s dinner at St Edmund Hall College and the Osler bop to round off the fortnight. These events were interlaced with a Tingewick-led consultants gameshow which proved to be hilarious and a wine and cheese night. The Tingewick firm are currently making the finishing touches to their Tingeaid production ‘Murder We Wrote: Who killed Tingewick  firm…’ which will I’m sure whet everyone’s appetite for this year’s much anticipated Tingewick pantomime (Shrektococcus - Lord of the UTIs). This year funds are being raised for Medecins Sans Frontieres and South Oxfordshire Food and Education Alliance.

In Osler House itself, we have been enjoying the new glass corridor and the garden with the beautiful weather this summer. We have also begun inductions for the new gym which, alongside extended Osler opening hours, means students can make full use of the new facility. We are looking forward this year to laying on the annual Christmas dinners in December, halfway-hall for the fifth years and most importantly, celebrations to mark the end of finals, which the sixth years are beginning to gear up towards. We are further aiming to expand the work of the Osler welfare team to ensure ongoing support for all Oxford clinical students, including the introduction of a Black and Minority Ethic rep to help represent and support the BME students here in Oxford.

My thanks go out to Nic and the former Osler committee for all their hard work over the last year, and to the new committee who are already proving their dedication and determination for what will I’m sure be another great year for Osler.