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Osler House with the new walkway
Osler House with the new covered walkway

Once again, it’s been an incredibly busy year for Osler House. We started our committee’s year in September with a busy fortnight of introductions and events for the new fourth years. The sixth years spend two weeks teaching the basic clinical skills and examinations that will see the fourth years through the start of their clinical training. In the evenings, all years met in Osler House for some well-deserved rest and celebration. The fortnight culminated in a formal dinner for the fourth years and committee at St Edmund Hall.

The end of 2017 saw the creation of this year’s Tingewick performance titled ‘The Dark Sh*te: A Dry Stool Musical’. The Tingewick committee worked incredibly hard to create a fantastic play brought to life by the fourth years. Final adjustments are still being made, but an estimated £33,000 was raised for the Tingewick charities: Against Malaria Foundation, and International Rescue Committee. Throughout the year, Tingewick continued to put on several well received bops, and evening events enjoyed by all of Osler House. January saw the Sixth-Year students sit their finals. The dedication of finalist Oxford Medics never ceases to amaze, and support was offered from colleges and from Osler House.

The finalists were received from their final OSCE with a reception in Osler House to kick start their celebrations. The sixth years are now entering their final stretch of study and are currently throughout the world on their electives.

In March, the fifth years celebrated being halfway through their clinical degree, and three quarters of the way through their time in Oxford, with a formal dinner at St Hilda’s College – a welcome break from the intensities of the fifth-year course.

This year has seen some large changes to the Osler House building. After a very generous donation from an anonymous donor, we have been able to build a brand new bar storage area, glass walkway, and gym. The building works were completed, although slightly delayed, in February. A bar storage area has been long overdue and has freed up the upstairs office for the Oxford Gazette to operate from. The glass walkway connects the main bar area to several of the meeting rooms which will allow much more efficient use of the space in Osler as a whole. The glass corridor looks fantastic, and will be a highly utilised space in the summer leading directly onto the garden. The gym has been completed, and we are currently waiting on the final delivery of equipment before we start inductions for students. We hope the gym will be highly valuable to those students pushed for time, who will be able to use the gym and showers to make the most of their days.

We’re excited to make the most of the new facilities over the coming months, and continue to make improvements for Osler House members. I would like to emphasise the hard work of all the Osler Committee, but in particular our vice president Daniel Murphy, and treasurer Darryl Braier-Lorimer, who have contributed hugely to the smooth running of Osler House.

Nicholas Turner, Osler House President 2017-18


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