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Projects supported by the NOHF Charity

The objects of the NOHF Charity are:

‘the raising of the standard of the Hospital or Hospitals concerned in order to assist the development and carrying on of the Oxford University Medical School.’

Applicants should note that research projects are not normally funded (other than through the Oxfordshire Health Services Research Committee (OHSRC).

The annual funds available are approximately £300,000 and bids are considered and grants awarded by the Trustees in May/June of each year – normally in the £20,000 to £50,000 range. The Trustees do not allocate grants for less than £5,000.

In the 3 years 2014 to 2016 examples of grants awarded were:

  • Educational textbooks
  • Medical simulators (manikins)
  • Seminar room refurbishment
  • Annual budget to the Oxfordshire Health Services Research Committee (OHSRC)
  • Resuscitation training equipment
  • Training room refurbishment
  • Audio-visual training equipment
  • Bodleian Health Care Library – equipment, refurbishment, textbooks
  • Digital video project for online training
  • Microscope for teaching
  • Microsurgery laboratory training equipment
  • Teaching camera and monitor
  • Classroom AV equipment upgrade
  • Portable ultrasound equipment

Bids are required to be submitted to Maria Kendall-Belcher in the Medical Sciences Divisional Office, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital at the latest by the 31st January using the NOHF application form.

Application Form

Nuffield Oxford Hospitals Fund Application Form