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Maxine Allen

Head of Business Development and Partnering

Louise Angelou

Louise Angelou

Head of Development NDOG and The George Institute UK

Anna-Maria Ansell

Clinical Course Administrator

Emily Ashwell

Divisional Finance Manager

Alexandra Bailey

Senior Academic Administrator (Graduate-Entry Medicine Course)

Jonathan Barker

Divisional Safety Officer (Pre-Clinical Depts)

Karine Barker

Life Sciences & Medicine Librarian

Sarah Bartlett

Clerical Officer

Sally Beer

Research Education and Training Coordinator (NIHR BRC)

John Bell

Regius Professor of Medicine

Denise Best

Academic Clinical Careers Manager & NIHR Oxford BRC Training Lead

Eleanor Booth-Davey

Divisional Safety Officer (Clinical Departments)

Anne Bowtell

Web Integration Project Manager

Lucy Bradley

Year 6 and Second BM Examination Co-ordinator

Lois Brand

Associate Director of Clinical Studies

Tony Brett

Director of MSD IT Services

Alison Brindle

Divisional Communications Manager

Ryan Brown

Personal Assistant to Assistant Registrar

David Bryan

Divisional Secretary

Aga Bush

Education & Funding Officer

Debbie Chambers

Events Officer

Keith Channon

Associate Head of Medical Sciences Division (Clinical Research)

Rachael Connelly

Year 6 and Second BM Examination Co-ordinator (Maternity Cover)

Carolyn Cook

Senior Clerical Officer (Clinical Course - Year 4, Electives)

Colin Cook

Chief Technician

Katherine Corr

Athena SWAN Advisor and Facilitator

Bríd Cronin

Assistant Registrar (Strategic Initiatives)

Jane Dale

Senior Assistant Registrar (Education)

Kay Davies

Associate Head of Medical Sciences Division (Development, Impact and Equality)

Paul Dennis

Director of Graduate Entry Medicine

Siobhan Dennis

Business Development Manager

Alison Ding

Divisional HR Administrator

Elena Escudero Gonzalez

Graduate School Assistant

Georgia Evans

Communications Assistant

Tessa Finlayson-Gray

Graduate School Officer

Susannah Forkun

Susannah Forkun

Head of Development

Naomi Gibson

Public Engagement Coordinator

Robert Gilbert

Director of the Graduate School and Director of Medical Sciences Doctoral ...

Ellysia Graymore

Alumni Relations Manager

Rachael Greaney

Academic Administrator (Admissions and Year 3)

Antony Green

Antony Green

Associate Director (Development Office)

Lesley Gurney

Administrative Assistant

Julie Hamilton

Divisional Safety Officer (Clinical Dept)

Ashok Handa

Associate Director of Clinical Studies

Richard Harrington

Associate Director Graduate Entry Medicine

Nicole Harris

Web Support Officer

Ingunn Haugen

Divisional HR Officer

Catherine Hawkins

Senior Academic Administrator (Admissions and Year 3) (Part-time)

Gemma Hester

Divisional Finance Manager

David Hyland

Assistant Registrar (Graduate School)

Jane Itzhaki

Research Facilitator for Oxford Metabolic Health

Rachel Ives

Planning and Project Officer

Eveline James

Capital Projects Manager

Lucinda Jeffery

Lucinda Jeffery

Development Coordinator

Christian Jones

I.T. / A.V. Officer

Maria Kendall-Belcher

Executive Assistant to Divisional Secretary

Georgina Kerr

Research Facilitator for Immunology

Martin Kerr

Business Development Manager

Edwin Kiarie

Assistant Accountant

Amanda King

Education and Facilities Project Administrator

Sarashka King

Alumni Officer

Angela Knight

Secretary to Directors of Clinical Studies

Margaux Laspeyres

Partnership Project Manager – Cannabinoid Biology Programme

Russell Leek

Divisional Safety Officer

Tim Littlewood

Director of Clinical Studies

Joana Lopes

OUCAGS Research and Professional Development Officer

Donald M Mackay

Head of Medical Sciences and Health Care Libraries

Nat Marten

Divisional Finance Manager (Maternity Leave Cover)

Jon Mason

Educational Technologist

David McCartney

Deputy Director of Graduate Entry Medicine

Helen McGrath

Senior Academic Administrator (Years 1 and 2)

Chris McIntyre

Media Relations Manager

Helena McNally

Associate Director of Clinical Studies (Medical Educationalist)

Veliborka Milivojevic

Skills Training Coordinator

Khadar Mohamed Abdul

Clinical Skills Laboratory Officer

Jane Moore

Deputy Director Graduate Entry Medicine

Laura Morgan

Clinical Course Coordinator

Gillian Morris

Assistant Registrar (Human Resources)

Liam Murphy

Research Funding Manager

Linda Naughton

Divisional Financial Controller

Chris Norbury

Deputy Director of Pre-Clinical Studies

Chris Price

Head of Strategic Planning and Projects

Chris Pugh

OUCAGS Director

John Reynolds

Associate Head of Medical Sciences Division (Clinical Affairs)

Jen Richman

Personal Assistant to Senior Assistant Registrar and Head of Strategic ...

Gerard Robinson

Deputy Head of MSD IT Services

Graham Ross

Divisional Safety Officer (Clinical Depts)

Jane Rudman

Graduate Skills Officer

Louise Samson

Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre Administrator

Katy Sanders

Academic Administrator (Years 1 and 2)

Beverley Saunders

Executive Assistant to Head of Division

Gavin Screaton

Head of Medical Sciences Division

Tim Shaw

Deputy Director of MSD IT Services (Networks)

Sasha Shepperd

Associate Head of Medical Sciences Division (Personnel)

Catherine Swales

Associate Director of Clinical Studies

Stacey Tasker

Finance Business Partner

Jeremy Taylor

Director of Pre-Clinical Studies

Martin Thornley

Finance Business Partner

Dinah Trowbridge

Year 5 Clinical Course Administrator and Clinical School Admissions

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