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These instructions tell you how to book onto an MSD Skills training course. Please note that you need to be logged in via your SSO, and using Google Chrome. COVID-19 UPDATE: We are running online versions of our MT20 Skills training courses, which are open for booking. More may be added as time goes on so please continue to check the courses calendar.

COVID-19 MT-20 online booking and course participation guidelines:

What you need to know in advance of booking:

  1. All of the courses advertised are online versions this term due to social distancing requirements affecting room availability. Each course description describes how the online sessions will run.
  2. We have suspended the deposit this term. This means that when you book on a course, you can complete the booking process in one step and no payment is required. Please be aware however that our cancellation policy has changed and you need to cancel no later than 72 hours before the start of the course.
  3. However, this means that if you fail to cancel your place and do not attend more than twice, you may be prevented from participating in any other courses this term. Due to the current circumstances, we understand some people will have to cancel at short notice due to difficult personal circumstances. If this is applicable to you, please make sure you let us know via the before you book onto courses so we can make a note that you may need to cancel your place at short notice.
  4. If we experience a large volume of late cancellations and/or non-attendances, we will have to reinstate the £20 deposit per course.
  5. Changes have been made to streamline the automated booking system. All automated booking confirmation and reminder emails will prompt you to check the course description details on the website to see if you need to access documents for the session in  the 'My Resources' section of the CoSY booking system, or if you will be sent an enrolment invitation email from Canvas containing pre-work that you need to complete before the live interactive session (see below).
  6. Many courses rely on pre-work being completed in Canvas prior to the live session. If this applies to your course, you will be sent an enrolment invitation link directly from Canvas soon after you have booked your place and will be expected to have undertaken this work prior to the live session. It is up to the course tutor whether they let you participate in the live session if you haven't undertaken the pre-work. Canvas is a separate platform to the CoSY booking system. Therefore you may need to check your junk folder if you have not received your enrolment invitation email.
  7. During the live interactive sessions, the tutors will let you know how the session will be run. However, it is best to use headphones where possible to prevent sound distortion from speaker feedback. Tutors may ask you to mute your volume when you are not speaking. We also strongly advise you try to limit all other internet programmes during your course to preserve the connection. If it starts to fragment, you may need to switch off your video camera. Many tutors will want you to use the Chat function.
  8. To confirm your participation in the course, you will need to write your full name and 'attended' in the Chat function in the last five minutes of the course. The tutor will send us a screen print of your names so that we can update our records that will enable you to receive your attendance certificate.
  9. We really need your feedback! You will be sent a post-course email with your certificate and a link to provide feedback. If we don't receive feedback, you will not receive your attendance certificate - please see the updated Terms and Conditions for further details.

How to book:

  1. Please make sure you are using Google Chrome. Go the Skills training calendar or relevant 'Courses by topic' page
  2. Find the course you want
  3. Click on the course title, then click on the ‘Apply for this course’ button 
  4. This will take you automatically to the shopping basket in CoSY. Follow the instructions to book on your course.
  5. You will receive notification from CoSY very soon after booking. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive your booking confirmation. The emails contain important information so please make sure you read and retain them.
  6. For courses with pre-work, once you have booked on the course, we will add you to Canvas which will send out an enrolment invitation link to access the pre-work.
  7. The link for the live interactive sessions and joining instructions are sent out with the booking confirmation and one day reminder emails.
  8. If you need to cancel your place, please do so via CoSY no later than 72 hours before the course is due to start.


  1. Please make sure you are using Google Chrome. Go the Skills training calendar or relevant 'Courses by topic' page
  2. Find the course you want
  3. Click on the course title, then click on the ‘Apply for this course’ button 
  4. This will take you automatically to the shopping basket in CoSY. Click on ‘Next step’ (on the bottom of the page) to proceed to the checkout. [Please ignore the 'Keeping in touch' screen as this information is not passed back to us. Go straight to the 'Next step' button at the bottom of this page.]

CoSY basket.png

  1. If a deposit has been attached to the course, you will be prompted to pay your deposit within the booking system before you can proceed to the checkout. Once you have made the payment (or for courses without a deposit attached) Click on 'OK' on the notification and continue through the booking process.
  1. If you have been auto-promoted from the waiting list on a course with a deposit attached, go to your email inbox and open the payment request email. To confirm your place, you will need to pay your deposit within 24 hours of receiving the email and by following the instructions provided.  
  1. Once you have completed the checkout process in CoSy, you will then receive an email notification confirming your booking on the course. If you need to cancel, you will need to do so no later than 72 hours prior to the course, as stated in the T&Cs.
  1. You will then receive email reminders containing joining instructions/venue details and access to any relevant pre-course reading material. If your course contains pre-work, you will receive an enrolment invitation email from Canvas to access and work through the material in advance of the live scheduled course.
  1. For online courses, your attendance is confirmed by adding you full name plus 'attended' in the Chat function within the last 5 minutes of the course. For classroom based courses, your attendance is confirmed by you adding your signature on the register. Your deposit will be refunded provided you have fully attended the course – see the T&Cs. 
  1. You will receive an email with a link to our post-course evaluation survey at the end of the course. This will help us monitor and improve the quality of future courses. You will not receive your attendance certificate until the survey has been completed and submitted. 
  1. You will receive a certificate of attendance once your attendance has been confirmed and you have completed the survey. If there are further reading materials, these will be made available via My Resources in CoSy.