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What is the panel and what is its purpose?

The Panel is a group of up to 30 people with an interest in using patient experience in medical education. Members are people who have experience of a medical condition, or experience of being a carer for someone else.

The Panel exists to support our work as the Co-leads for Patient Involvement in Medical Education. We felt it would be very important for us to have a group of people that we could consult on the process of expanding opportunities for patients to get involved in our work. We wanted the perspectives of people who have experience of illness. This is why the Panel was formed in early 2023.

The Panel meets four times a year with the Co-Leads to discuss issues relating to involving patients in medical education. Subjects for discussion might include: how to get patients to contribute to teaching materials, how to get patients involved in assessing possible entrants to the medical school, or how patients might be trained to teach students in classroom settings. 

There are no other obligations of Panel membership. You do not have to commit to being involved in other activities. However, you might hear of things that interest you during Panel discussions. So, the Panel might be a way into more ‘hands-on’ involvement in the Medical School if that is of interest to you.

To find out more, please email or