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Saul Myerson


Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

  • Consultant Cardiologist

My research focusses mainly on heart valve disease, in particular using cardiac imaging to identify patients at risk of future problems, and to understand mechanisms of disease. I also examine aortic disease to understand the causes and potential treatments.  Some of my recent work included being able to predict which patients with leaky heart valves are likely to require surgery in the near future, by quantifying the amount of regurgitation (leak) across the valve using cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging. This research enables advance planning with the patient, including performing earlier surgery, or for those with lower amounts of leak, a reduced frequency of follow up (saving patient time and healthcare resources).  I use 4-dimensional blood flow imaging (3-D flow over time) with cardiovascular magnetic resonance to examine blood flow patterns within the heart and aorta. This has enabled my team to look at why the aorta dilates in some patients, and what changes in cardiac efficiency occur with differing anatomy. We plan to study these flow patterns in patients with congenital heart disease to understand why some are able to function better than others.  My research also involves being principal investigator for the OxValve study, a large study of >4,000 people in Oxfordshire. Lastly, I conduct clinical trials of early valve surgery and of novel drugs to improve how well the heart muscle is able to cope with valve disease.  I qualified from the University of Bristol and completed my training in London and Oxford. I am the valve sub-theme lead for the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, and board member of the British Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. In addition to >75 publications, I have edited three Oxford Handbooks.



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