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The Radcliffe Department of Medicine’s flagship funding programme is the RDM Scholars Programme. This programme provides a number of fully funded four year scholarships for basic science students wishing to undertake a DPhil in Medical Sciences. The programme is open to outstanding candidates of any nationality, without restriction.

Support for the RDM Scholars Programme comes from a variety of sources including the Department, the Medical Research Council and the Medical Sciences Graduate School Studentship Competition.  RDM Scholars have their College and University fees paid (at home or overseas rates) and receive a generous stipend of £18,000 per annum, which is tax-free. (Rhodes Scholars in the Department are automatically awarded the same stipend as RDM Scholars and are also eligible for four year funding.)

The RDM Scholars Programme allows students to carry out research in a single laboratory for a full 4 years. There is no period of rotation between laboratories.

A list of projects is available. You can select up to 3 projects and should list these in order of preference on the application form. Supervisors can be contacted by email about their project.

Please read the guidance on how to apply before you start your application.