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Some past workshops

Using reporting guidelines to ensure journal articles include every necessary detail, Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists and Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia online workshop on Scientific Writing, April 2021.

Using reporting guidelines for biomedical research, Society of English-language Professionals in the Netherlands, June 2020, online.

Using reporting guidelines to help research articles meet journal requirements for reproducibility and completeness. Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting, September 2019, Split, Croatia.

Reporting guidelines and the editorial office. International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) European Conference, November 2017, London, UK.

Introduction to reporting guidelines. Global Evidence Summit, September 2017, Cape Town, South Africa.

Writing useful research articles. Global Research Nurses Network, September 2017, Cape Town, South Africa.

Jennifer De Beyer

BSc, DPhil, FHEA

Research, Training, and Publication Manager

I'm an editor and educator, here to help your research reach its full potential through clear, complete writing that targets the right audience.  

As the manager of the UK EQUATOR Centre’s training programme, I develop and deliver academic writing skills training that teaches you how to write fantastic health research articles. Most of our training is aimed at early-career researchers, clinicians, and students and focuses on journal articles, such as our flagship two-day Publication School and our training for the Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School. I also run sessions focused on thesis, transfer report, and abstract writing through the Medical Sciences Division's Skills Training. I have also worked with language professionals, such as author editors and journal editors, on integrating reporting guidelines into their practice. You can find a selection of my past workshops in the side panel.

When not teaching writing skills, I lend mine to the UK EQUATOR Centre and wider Centre for Statistics in Medicine (CSM), providing editing and writing support for articles, reports, and grant applications. The UK EQUATOR Centre has an extensive research programme investigating the quality of research methods and reporting. I am often involved in these projects in a supporting role, and track the impact of our training.  

I joined CSM in 2015 after training in laboratory research and working in academic copy editing. I completed a BSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology and BSc Hons in Biochemistry at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. As a Clarendon and Commonwealth Scholar, I then read for a DPhil in Systems Biology at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, looking at how motile bacteria react to nutrient gradients. In between microscopy experiments, I edited South African science textbooks and the Oxford student magazine Phenotype. I completed Oxford's Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in 2020 and am a Fellow of the HEA.

Outside of the office, I’ve usually got a book, a piece of needlework, and a trip to plan on the go, the latter very often back to South Africa. I am a member of the Oxford Aikikai, a traditional Aikido club that trains at the Iffley Sports Centre dojo – beginners welcome!

Join one of the UK EQUATOR Centre’s courses on writing about health research or get in touch to arrange a bespoke academic writing skills session. You can also find me behind the EQUATOR Network’s Twitter feed.

Upcoming courses

EQUATOR-NDORMS Lightning Workshops

Our monthly free online lunchtime workshops cover all aspects of writing, publishing, and disseminating your research and are available to staff and students of University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes, and OU Hospitals NHS Trust.

UK EQUATOR Centre Publication school

The next UK EQUATOR Centre Publication School will be held online in Hilary term 2022. Join us to learn an efficient process for writing a health research article that neutralises the pain points!