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Graham Ogg

Cutaneous Immunology, Allergy, Dermatology, Viral infections and the skin, Innate and adaptive immune responses, Role of epithelium in immunity.

Skin and mucosae frequently represent the first point of contact with pathogens and allergens, yet we still know relatively little of the role of the surface immune system in clearing such challenges. This is crucially important in understanding the mechanisms of skin diseases and related diseases, and for optimising approaches to cutaneous drug and vaccine delivery. The aim of the group is therefore to understand, at the molecular and cellular level, the role of human cutaneous immune responses in mechanisms of disease, treatment and vaccination. We are investigating these questions through studies based on two common human diseases, atopic eczema and varicella zoster virus infection. As well as contributing to an understanding of disease pathogenesis, we aim to translate our findings to changes in clinical practice.