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destinations of students admitted to the doctoral training centre 2008-2012


Non-Clinical DPhil students

Summary of destinations for students admitted 2008-2012 

Associate Professor                                                   2

Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowships                                7

Other independent Fellowships                                  6

Senior Post-doctoral Research Associates                8

Post-doctoral Research Associates                           51

Senior Scientist in industry/government                     3

Scientist in industry                                                     9

Consulting/business leadership                                  13

Government (civil service)                                          2

Started own business                                                  4

Publishing/communications                                        4                     

Teaching                                                                     3

Junior Doctor                                                              1

Clinical Training                                                          3

Law                                                                             1

Total                                                                           117


Thus, 6% of Oxford Non-Clinical DPhil students since 2008 have held Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowships, and 11% have won a competitive independently-funded Fellowship such as a Sir Henry Wellcome, Sir Henry Dale, MRC Career Development or other Fellowship.

11% work in consulting or as business leaders, 50% are post-docs or senior post-docs, and 5 (4.3%) are already Associate Professors or work as Senior Scientists.

In addition, 29 Wellcome-funded Clinical Research Training Fellows were admitted to DPhil study in the period 2008-2013, and their current occupations include:

6 consultants, of whom one is also a Clinical Tutor and one a Clinical Fellow (Hon Consultant)

1 is an Oberarzt (Senior Physician) at the University of Erlangen

1 is an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the USA

2 are Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellows

6 are other kinds of Clinical Research Fellow

6 are Clinical Lecturers

2 are Speciality Trainees

1 is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Stanford