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The CTP in Advanced Bioscience of Viral Products (ABViP) is a 4-year, comprehensive, multidisciplinary training programme designed and led by gene and cell therapy company Oxford Biomedica in collaboration with the University of Oxford and University College London. The programme aims to deliver the next generation of bioscience leaders to advance research on the underpinning bioscience of viral products for future gene therapies and vaccines.

Scientists at work in the Clinical BioManufacturing Facility, University of Oxford © John Cairns / UOXF

This DPhil course will take a holistic approach to the science underpinning the successful development of new viral vector products including an understanding of the fundamental cell biology, bioprocessing considerations, improving our knowledge of the process/product, understanding how these aspects can be translated and advanced in an industrial setting and identifying how these fit into the wider regulatory context. 

Students will work in interdisciplinary teams across the cohort, integrating activities, sharing knowledge and disseminating research findings within the academic/industrial/clinical communities and to the public. All students on this course will undertake a placement with an industrial partner as part of their studies.

Five fully-funded studentships are available for students based at the University of Oxford, one for each project below and starting in October 2023.

This BBSRC CTP ABViP Studentship is available to UK and Overseas (including EU) students. Full maintenance (stipend & fees) is available to UK and Overseas students for the duration of the four-year DPhil programme. Additional funds will be made available for research consumables.  Note that up to a maximum of one fully-funded studentship allocation is available for Overseas students across the five University of Oxford ABViP projects being offered in 2023/24. The annual tax-free stipend will be paid at the standard UKRI stipend rate, currently £17,668 per annum for 2022/23. 

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the supervisor(s) of their chosen project(s) to discuss their application. Contact details can be found in the project descriptions below. 

Applications must be received by 12 noon (UK time) Friday 16th December 2022.

Further details about the ABViP programme and how to apply can be found on the ABViP home page.


The five available projects for 2023/24 are detailed below: