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Developing a novel dengue vaccine 

Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval (Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine) was awarded funding for his project to develop a new vaccine against dengue fever. Find out more. 

Modulating circadian rhythm disruption

Dr Sridhar Vasudevan (Department of Pharmacology) received funding to investigate a series of drugs which could be used to modulate and treat circadian rhythm disorders. Find out more. 

Developing slow-wave activity saturation as a marker of depth of anaesthesia 

Dr Katie Warnaby (Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences) received funding to develop a new technique for measuring depth of anaesthesia in patients. Find out more. 


Further funded projects

  • Development of UGGT1 inhibitors as broad-spectrum antivirals: Zitzmann, Nicole. Biochemistry. £36,709
  • Development of an adeno-associated viral vectored immunoprophylactic strategy against blood-stage Plasmodium vivax Malaria: Bardelli, Martino. NDM Jenner Institute. £40,200
  • Developing small molecule inhibitors for a rare childhood seizure disorder: Yue, Wyatt. NDM, Structural Genomics Consortium. £42,036
  • Harnessing the properties of a small compound to improve the efficiency of reprogramming dendritic cells to pluripotency: Fairchild, Paul. Pathology Dunn School. £42,207
  • Deep Brain Stimulation for Multiple System Atrophy. Green, Alex. Surgical Sciences. £70,662
  • Structure-guided design of FAM83B inhibitors for triple negative breast cancer. Bullock, Alex. NDM. £15,000
  • MICA: Reprogramming tumor immunity by targeting tenascin-C: Kim Midwood; Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences; £65,569
  • T-cell receptor-like antibodies targeting p53: Alison Banham; Radcliffe Department of Medicine;  £41,490
  • Polymer-DNA nanoparticles for Therapeutic Intracellular Delivery: Andrew Turberfield; Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics; £22,506
  • Orthotopic colorectal cancer patient-derived xenograft models to test therapeutic manipulation ofGREM1: Simon Leedham; Nuffield Department of Medicine; £75,000
  • Structure-Guided Design of Sonic Hedgehog Morphogen Inhibitors: Christian Siebold; Nuffield Department of Medicine; £15,000
  • Proof-of-concept controlled human infection with Plasmodium vivax malaria to accelerate Phase II clinical trials of vaccine candidates: Angela Minassian; Nuffield Department of Medicine; £65,000
  • How does BCG vaccination facilitate protection against malaria? Milicic, Anita; Nuffield Department of Medicine; £42,803
  • CMV-vectored vaccines: second generation vectors with improved safety profile:  Sarah Sebastian; Nuffield Department of Medicine; £22,635
  • Development of a novel bivalent vaccine to prevent both Salmonella Typhi and Paratyphi infections: Christine Rollier; Department of Paediatrics; £45,223
  • Ultrasonic electrospray of intact complexes from vesicles and exosomes: Carol Robinson; Department of Chemistry; £33,835
  • Non-invasive estimation of pulmonary blood flow in primary pulmonary hypertension : Peter Robbins; Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics; £40,674
  • New approaches to microsphere formulation for single dose prime-boost vaccine delivery: Anita Milicic; Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine; £51,813
  • Utilising immune-dominant epitopes of limited variability to create a novel influenza vaccine: Sunetra Gupta; Department of Zoology; £50,421
  • Development of UGGT1 inhibitors as broad-spectrum antivirals: Zitzmann, Nicole. Biochemistry. £36,709.03
  • The development of pan-genotypic Hepatitis C virus vaccine generating T and B cell immunity: Barnes, Eleanor; Experimental Medicine; £25,000
  • A universal H1N1 influenza vaccine using an epitope of limited variability: Gupta, Sunetra; Zoology; £71,729
  • A flexible and scalable platform for creating novel medicinal macrocycles: Naismith, James; Structural Biology; £75,000
  • Pre-clinical development of therapeutic cross-reactive monoclonal antibodies to Ebola viruses: Rijal, Pramila; RDM; £62,000
  • Structure based beta-Lactamase resistant transpeptidase inhibitors to address antibiotic resistance: Schofield, Christopher; Chemistry; £31,591
  • Polymeric-DNA nanoparticles: modular delivery systems for nucleic acid-based therapies: Turberfield, Andrew J.; Physics; £72,890
  • Measuring lung inhomogeneity in paediatric cystic fibrosis: Ritchie, Grant A.D.; Chemistry; £47,813
  • Universal Big DNA assembly: transition to a translatable high throughput process: O'Callaghan, Christopher; CCMP; £70,266
  • Using DNA-based diagnostics to prevent death of children with blood disorders in sub-Saharan Africa: Schuh, Annette; Oncology; £58,590
  • Using genome variation to sort extremely rare cell populations for clinical application: Frater, John; NDM Experimental Medicine; £59,529
  • Antibody-mediated oligonucleotide delivery to brain for neurodegenerative disease: Hammond, Suzan; Paediatrics; £74,762
  • CAT&MAUS: simultaneous imaging and analysis of joint motion for clinical assessment: Mellon, Stephen; NDORMS; £70,817
  • GAPDH and extracellular vesicles: biological nanoparticles for therapy of neurodegenerative diseases: Dar, Ghulam; Paediatrics; £74,762
  • Proteomic biomarkers in IBD: Adams, Alexander; NDM Experimental Medicine; £68,400