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Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Covill-Cooke, Christian Biochemistry A search for the cardiolipin-phospholipase in human mitochondria £9,528
McDermott, Lucy Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Disarm SARM: identifying interacting SARM1 proteins to prevent chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy £9,690
Stylianou, Elena Jenner Institute Developing mRNA vaccines for tuberculosis  £10,000
Mehta, Vedanta RDM Cardiovascular Medicine The Role of Endothelial Mechanotransduction in the Vascular Adaptations to Pregnancy £9,975
Provine, Nicholas NDM Experimental Medicine Lymph node fine needle aspiration for studying immune priming in humans £10,000
Van Grinsven, Erinke NDORMS - Kennedy Location defines function: investigating neutrophil spatial heterogeneity throughout the inflamed joint £10,000
Handunnetthi, Lahiru Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Understanding the effects of viral infection on cortical development in schizophrenia  £10,000
Kepple, Jessica CCMP Glomerular diagnostics based on spatial transcriptomic and proteomic signatures from human renal biopsies. £9,994.79
Sharma, Sumana RDM Investigative Medicine Single cell transcriptomics of human CD8 T cells to characterise inhibitory signalling by immune checkpoints £9,600
Leung, Carol Sze Ki Oxford Ludwig Institute Developing vaccines against Epstein-Barr virus-associated diseases £9,923
Fullerton, James NDORMS - Botnar Does iron deficiency impair adaptive immunity? A pilot human challenge study £9,973.48
Glasgow, Arlene RDM Clinical Laboratory Sciences Evaluating the effects of the MUC5B rs35705950 polymorphism on alveolar type 2 cell response to injury £10,000
Ruan, Jia-Ling Oncology 3D bioprinting intestinal organoids for high throughput assessing normal tissue toxicity £10,000
Skelly, Donal Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Investigating the effects of degenerative brain disease on the immune response to vaccination £10,000
Park, Inhye NDORMS - Kennedy Investigating the role of a novel vascular macrophage subset in cardiometabolic disease £9,960
Mottahedin, Amin Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Molecular mapping of stroke penumbra for targeted therapy £9,257
Ghate, Arya NDM Experimental Medicine Immune cell heterogeneity in human breast milk and effect of breast milk on macrophages £10,000
Adamopoulou, Eleni CW – CRUK Centre Immune-profiling of malignant ascites from ovarian cancer patients as a route to sampling the tumour microenvironment £9,983.55
Sauer, David Centre for Medicines Discovery Establishing ELOVL assays for HTS compound screening £10,000
Abu-Hanna, Jeries RDM Clinical Laboratory Sciences Investigating the temporal changes in endothelial cell phenotype that contribute to coagulopathy following traumatic injury £7,473.86
Baretic, Domagoj Pathology Dunn School (BV) Molecular mechanisms of the cGAS regulation by ADP-ribosylation £10,000
Ainsworth, Matthew Experimental Psychology A causal study into the role of the amygdala within a distributed brain network underlying macaque social cognition £9,426.84
Burton, Rebecca A B Pharmacology (BW) Characterising a novel cardiac phenotype in Niemann-Pick Disease  Type C £9,980
Clarke, Joseph RDM Investigative Medicine A method for low-cost, high throughput CRISPR mediated gene editing of primary human T-cells. £9,570
Elajnaf, Taha Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health (HE) Functional and morphological characterisation of mammary cell mitochondria during the initiation of human lactation £10,000
Farah, Adham Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Using Micro-electrode Array (MEA) to test the impact of patient autoantibodies on sensory neuron excitability. £9,969.03
Gould, Nathaniel Psychiatry (HQ) The Bioenergetic Profile of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Patient Neurons Following Treatment with Novel QR2 Inhibitors £9,947
Reyat, Jasmeet Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (AV) Development of a vascularised cardiac organoid model of atrial fibrillation in sepsis £9,972
Stojanovic, Ozren Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (AV) Ultrastructural analysis of adipocyte lipid droplets in lipolysis £8,000