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Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Becker, Esther Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Development of a novel mouse model for cerebellar ataxia £9,911.49
Burton, Rebecca Department of Pharmacology Exploring two pore channels (TPC2) and their contribution to calcium signalling in the atri £9,982.00
Geremia, Alessandra NDM (Experimental Medicine) Microbial-host interactions involved in the response to bariatric
Gullerova,Monika Dunn School of Pathology Phosphorylated RNA polymerase II CTD Tyrosine-1 and Dicer promote DNA damage response  £10,000.00
Holmboe, Karla Department of Psychology Developing an eye-tracker based semi-automatic coding system for infant looking behavior. £10,000.00
Kumin, Michelle NDM (Experimental Medicine) Reducing Implant Infection in Orthopaedics (RIIiO) Pilot Study £8,100.00
Kusumbe, Anjali NDORMS (KIR) Role of Vascular Microenvironments in Regulating Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) £10,000.00
Lim, Ngee Han NDORMS (KIR) £10,000.00
Mittal, Shruti Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Cardiac co-morbidity, cardiac events and mortality in people with type 1 diabetes and renal failure and the impact of pancreas transplantation. £9,235.00
Nicholson, Judith Department of Oncology Targeting Non-Histone Protein-Bromodomain Interactions in the
DNA Damage Response
Psallidas, Ioannis NDM (Experimental Medicine) Personalised treatment for malignant pleural effusion £10,000.00
Reilly, Svetlana RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) Role of miR-31-calcitonin receptor signalling in pro-fibrotic remodelling in atrial fibrillation. £9,997.60
Rowland, Matthew Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Investigating the role of ketones in early brain injury following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest £10,000.00
Watt, Fiona NDORMS (KIR) Towards Clinically Applicable Biomarkers for Arthritis £9,990.00
Yavari, Arash Radcliffe Department of Medicine Defining a novel physiological role for γ2 AMP-activated protein kinase in the regulation of adiposity  £9,828.65
Zaborowska, Justyna Dunn School of Pathology CDK13: an emerging therapeutic target £10,000.00
Zivanovic, Sanja Department of Paediatrics Optimization of tidal volumes during neonatal resuscitation at birth £4,752.00
Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Akbar, Naveed Radcliffe Department of Medicine Plasma Extracellular Vesicle RNA Signatures and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Transcriptomes in Acute Coronary Syndrome £14,490.85
Bharat, Tanmay Dunn School of Pathology Using nanobodies to inhibit Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation £9,470.00
Briant, Linford Radcliffe Department of Medicine Characterising the transcriptomic profile of responsive beta-cells £10,000.00
Cantley, James Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics The role of Viperin in beta cell function and inflammation in mice. £9,961.00
Colin-York, Huw RDM (Investigative Medicine) Quantification of cellular mechanical forces using topological-TFM £10,000.00
Cristini, Agnese Dunn School of Pathology Function of RNase H2 in Pol II transcription and R-loop resolution associated with AGS pathology £9,750.00
Espirito Santo Fonseca, Ana NDORMS (KIR) Promoting cardiac regeneration by targeting endogenous stem cells £10,000.00
Faull, Olivia Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Harnessing starvation signals for cellular regulation £9,780.00
Garner, Lee NDM (Target Discovery Institute) Using single cell sequencing to identify disease-related T cell receptors in Ankylosing Spondylitis and Reactive Arthritis. £9,000.00
Gordon-Weeks, Alex Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Detection of rectal muco-cellular tumour DNA in pancreatic cancer patients: a proof of concept study £10,000.00
Hargreaves, Chantal NDM (Experimental Medicine) Interrogation of DNA damage and repair in Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorders £8,500.00
Hartley, Caroline Department of Paediatrics Investigating the neurophysiological correlates of apnoea in premature infants £9,212.00
Hopkins, Samantha Department of Oncology Differentiating peptide properties for cellular uptake and p53 targeting £10,000.00
Jayaram, Raja Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences A pilot study of safety and efficacy of beta blockers, statins, ACE-inhibitors, antiplatelets and anticoagulants in sepsis survivors. £9,806.00
Klenerman, Paul Nuffield Department of Medicine Immunology Networking Reception £3,890.00
Lamber, Ekaterina Department of Biochemistry Structural understanding of defective lipid exchange in neurological disorders £10,000.00
Lindner, Moritz Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences A novel treatment strategy for Cone Dystrophy with Supernormal Rod Response £9,828.30
Maher, Geoffrey Radcliffe Department of Medicine Investigating the impact of cancer treatment on mutation levels in sperm  £5,400.96
Mouthuy, Pierre-Alexis Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences Fabrication of a humanoid bioreactor prototype for tendon tissue engineering £10,000.00
Pedroza-Pacheco, Isabela Nuffield Department of Medicine Effect of low oxygen on HIV-1 replication and reactivation from latency  £10,000.00
Pinacho, Raquel Department of Pharmacology A novel genetic model to discover mechanisms of neurotransmitter co-release £9,653.00
Ramracheya, Reshma Radcliffe Department of Medicine Exploring NPY4 receptor activation as a target for beta-cell proliferation and investigating the effects of gastric bypass surgery on islet function £9,995.00
Reinecke, Andrea Department of Psychiatry The effect of losartan-augmented exposure therapy on the brain £8,800.00
Sachse, Gregor Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Mouse model for the diabetes risk associated polymorphism Kir6.2-E23K £9,892.00
Salio, Mariolina RDM (Investigative Medicine) Characterization of the immunological landscape in  Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML) £10,000.00
Sampaio Baptista, Cassandra Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences  Imaging motor network dynamics in rodents with fMRI £9,500.00
Shankar, Sushma Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Investigation of the role of human TIM-1+ regulatory B cells in the progression of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma £10,000.00
Spitschan, Manuel Department of Experimental Psychology Night Light: Neuroimaging (fMRI) of the Hypothalamic Response to Light £7,600.00
Tapmeier, Thomas Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health  Analysis of Peritoneal Fluid Exosome Cargo in Endometriosis by RNA-Seq and Proteomics £5,098.57
Taylor, Claire Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences Understanding and intervening in the heart failure diagnostic pathway to improve patient experience and outcomes. £9,121.11
Teixeira De Cerdeira, Ana Sofia Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health  Determining the signaling function of tRNA identified in syncytiotrophoblast extracellular vesicles   £9,998.00
Tellier, Michael Dunn School of Pathology Discovering DOT1L targets and H3K79 methylation readers in MLL cells £9,000.00
Yindom, Louis-Marie Nuffield Department of Medicine Plasma biomarkers of systemic inflammation in children and adolescents with HIV-associated chronic lung diseases in Zimbabwe £10,000.00
Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Arruda Bezerra, Gustavo NDM (Structural Genomics Consortium) Structural characterisation of peptide transporters in the energy metabolism of Porphyromonas gingivalis to enable new antibiotic development £10,000.00
Ashley, Elizabeth NDM (Tropical Medicine and Global Health) Multicentre survey to estimate the prevalence of chronic hepatitis B in pregnant women in eight low or middle income countries £9,990.00
Babbs, Christian RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Identifying Novel Causes of Anaemia £9,941.00
Baruchin, Liad Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Investigation into the role of interneuron circuit development in schizophrenia £10,000.00
Beard, Daniel RDM (Investigative Medicine) Utilising shear-activated nanotherapeutics to selectively enhance collateral cerebral blood flow during stroke. £10,000.00
Becker, Esther Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Genome Editing Approaches to Improve Human Models of Medulloblastoma (Clinical Pre-Fellowship award to support Max van Essen) £10,861.44
Bowden, Rory NDM (Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics) Oxford Viromics Symposium £2,000.00
Brook, Matthew Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Characterisation of the immune infiltrate in kidney transplant biopsies from patients treated with cell therapy £9,957.68
Capitao, Liliana Department of Psychiatry Susceptibility to peer feedback and its relationship with emotional resilience following bullying experiences £10,000.00
Clynes, David Department of Oncology Establishing a novel toolkit for the study of DNA double strand break resection at telomeres £9,700.22
Douglas, Gillian RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) Defining the Role of the coronary artery disease Gene JCAD in Vascular Disease £10,000.00
Downes, Damien RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Generation of haplotype resolved whole genome sequencing for deciphering common disease. £10,000.00
Gibbs-Seymour, Ian Department of Biochemistry Mechanisms of DNA repair and genome stability £10,000.00
Gromak, Natalia Dunn School of Pathology R-Loops: New Therapeutic Targets in Cancer £9,791.00
Hallifax, Robert NDM (Experimental Medicine) Primary Pneumothorax Fluorescein-Enhanced Thoracoscopy (The PREFECT Study) £9,960.57
Iyadurai, Lalitha Department of Psychiatry Disrupting memory for witnessed psychological trauma: pilot study of a novel cognitive science-derived intervention for emergency department staff £4,845.00
Jeziorska, Danuta RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Establishing tools for dual RNA labelling in living cells to investigate how shared enhancers regulate expression of two genes £9,875.00
Johnson, Stephanie NDPH (BDI) Addressing the ethical questions in genomic informed public health surveillance and outbreak investigation £10,000.00
Kendal, Adrian NDORMS (Botnar) Investigating microfibril regulation of human cell sub-types in degenerative tendon disease £9,996.61
Lee, Regent Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Validation of a biomarker panel for the prediction of growth of abdominal aortic aneurysms in humans £2,500.00
McLaughlin, Kerry RDM (OCDEM) The role of tetraspanin-7 in insulin secretion from pancreatic β-cells £10,000.00
Monaco, Claudia NDORMS (KIR) Clinical Pre-Fellowship Support for Suzanne Engelen £10,861.44
O'Shea, Jacinta Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Boosting brain plasticity by manipulating gut bacteria? £9,672.50
Oudelaar, Aukje Marieke RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Investigation of the role of non-coding mutations in blood cancer development by integrating whole-genome sequencing and functional genomic approaches £10,000.00
Pauklin, Siim NDORMS (Botnar) Elucidating the function of TET enzymes in pancreatic cancer stem cells £10,000.00
Redfield, Christina Department of Biochemistry Access to Ultra-high Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy for Biomedical Scientists in Oxford £9,209.70
Sallet, Jerome Department of Experimental Psychology Interdepartmental consortium for ultrasound neurostimulation £5,600.00
Sasson, Sarah NDM (Experimental Medicine) Tissue-resident memory T-cell (TRM) response in severe Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) £9,469.00
Sezgin, Erdinc RDM (Investigative Medicine) Role of plasma membrane lipids in Niemann-Pick disease Type C  £10,000.00
Soni, Anushka Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Ultrahigh-field  7T neuroimaging to stratify patients with fibromyalgia and investigate response to multimodal rehabilitation treatment. £9,600.00
Veprik, Anna Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Unlocking the ACC1-mTOR axes in pancreatic alpha cells £10,000.00
Viney, Tim Department of Pharmacology Glass electrode recordings in freely moving mice £8,480.00
Young, Laura Department of Experimental Psychology Investigating the effects of optical errors in the eye on real life visual tasks £10,000.00
Zacharopoulos, George Department of Experimental Psychology The development of novel dopamine biomarkers using magnetic resonance spectroscopy  £8,150.00
Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Akbar, Naveed RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) The Isolation of Extracellular Vesicles Using Microfluidics £10,000.00
Bottomley, Matthew Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Development of a mouse model to assess the impact of memory inflation upon transplantation £9,600.00
Chaudhury, Salma NDORMS (Botnar) Determining the National Prevalence, Mortality and Adverse Outcomes Following Shoulder Infections in the UK £10,000.00
Chen, Yi-Ling RDM (Investigative Medicine) Studying the host-bacterial interaction in skin inflammatory diseases £10,000.00
Clarke, William Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Measuring human brain high energy phosphate metabolism using 7T MRS during transcranial direct current stimulation. £10,000.00
Ellender, Tommas Department of Pharmacology Methodology for bidirectional control of histamine levels in the developing brain - relevance for Tourette's syndrome and OCD £9,794.00
Erickson, Andrew Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences INSTANCE - Combinatorial Spatial Transcriptomics And CODEX £10,000.00
Guida, Claudia RDM (OCDEM) Exploring the role of somatostatin in the metabolic benefits of bariatric surgery £10,000.00
Hodgson, Susanne NDM (Jenner Institute) Optimising PCR for Con-Infection Controlled Human Malaria Infection Studies £9,268.00
Lewandowski, Adam RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) The Cerebrovascular Phenotype of Children Born Preterm and Relationship with Cardiac Structure and Function £9,900.00
Lewis, Andrew RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) Defining the novel cardiovascular phenotype of IgG4-related disease £9,710.00
Mccorvie, Thomas NDM (Structural Genomics Consortium) Developing a novel therapy for classic homocystinuria by pharmacological chaperones. £10,000.00
Montenegro Mendonca, Luiza NDM (Structural Biology) Investigation of HIV Virological Synapse ultrastructure under near-native conditions £4,557.00
Ridley, Anna NDORMS (Botnar) Cellular Atlas of Synovial Fluid in Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) £8,339.00
Themistocleous, Andreas Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences The use of microneurography to understand chronic neuropathic pain £7,473.09
Zhang, Quan RDM (OCDEM) Paracrine feedback loops in pancreatic islets and their impact in hypoglycaemia £10,000.00
Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Atkinson, Lauren Department of Psychiatry Developing MEG biomarkers of SARS-CoV-2 induced changes in cognitive function £9,510.00
Raman, Betty RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) Hypercapnic oxygen-sensitive magnetic resonance imaging: a needle, radiation and contrast-free approach for assessment of cardiac ischaemia in humans. £9,890.00
Mentzer, Alexander NDM (Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics) Validating Castanet pathogen detection in whole blood RNA from hospitalised patients. £9,450.20
Martins Bach, Aurea Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Assessing image phenotypes in mouse models of ALS with mutations in C9ORF72 £9,900.00
Stone, Oliver Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Assessment of endothelial cell lineage diversification using mitochondrial heteroplasmy £9,800.00
Jones, Keaton Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Macrophage repolarisation in pancreatic cancer. £9,947.60
Whibley, Natasha NDORMS (KIR) The role of DGAT1 in CD4+ T cell responses in the intestine £10,000.00
Espirito Santo Fonseca, Ana NDORMS (KIR) Harnessing liver regeneration by targeting endogenous mechanism with HMGB1 £10,000.00
Hackstein, Carl-Philipp NDM (Experimental Medicine) Investigation of the potential of colonic CD161hi CD4 T cells to perform tissue repair functions. £9,640.80
Mantri, Monica Department of Oncology Novel IGF inhibitors £9,910.00
Schwenzer, Hagen Department of Oncology LARP6 as master regulator of tumor-promoting ECM proteins in mesenchymal-like cancers £9,950.00
Viney, Tim Department of Pharmacology Vulnerability of subcortical cell types in Alzheimer's disease £5,660.00
Spencer, Alexandra NDM (Jenner Institute) A T cell inducing vaccine against Human T cell leukaemia virus  £10,000.00
Lee, Kit NDM (Ludwig Cancer Research) Do skin-derived T cells migrate to the placenta to regulate the maternal-foetal immune environment ? £5,575.20
Zhang, Yanfeng Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Targeting nAChRs on dopamine axons as a potential treatment for Parkinson's disease £10,000.00
Artibani, Mara Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health  Identification and characterisation of pre-cancerous biomarkers in the fallopian tubes £10,000.00
Godfrey, Leila NDM (Jenner Institute) Deep phenotyping of T cells after vaccination with ChAdOx1 nCOV-19. An investigation of age related T cell responses and longevity. £10,000.00
Katona, Linda Department of Pharmacology Next-generation functional circuit mapping of brainstem to forebrain neuronal pathways mediating gut-vagal influence on memory £9,953.02
Sigalas, Charalampos Department of Pharmacology Epileptiform activity in a mouse model of cardiac arrhythmias with a loss-of-function mutation to the cardiac ryanodine receptor £9,714.00
Crump, Nicholas RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Probing the role of novel enhancer usage in acquired drug resistance £10,000.00
Lomonosova, Yulia Department of Paediatrics Development of tissue-specific drugs for Duchenne muscular dystrophy therapeutics utilizing hiPSC-derived 3D artificial muscles £10,000.00
Munis, Altar RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Development of Clinically Relevant In Vitro Culture Models to Recapitulate Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis £10,000.00
Schwenzer, Anja NDORMS (KIR) Using CD11b peptide agonism as a novel therapeutic approach targeting chronic inflammation £10,000.00
Tunnacliffe, Edward RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Using CRISPR to visualise motility of non-repetitive genomic loci in live cells £10,000.00
Wei, Guifeng Department of Biochemistry The roles of RBM15 and RNA m6A modification in physiological and pathological processes £10,000.00
Azabdaftari, Aline NDM (Experimental Medicine) A microfluidic gut on a chip organoid model to study intestinal mucus barrier function  £10,000.00
Issa, Fadi Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Identifying the transcriptome of rare hepatocytes that support hepatitis B virus replication in the chronic infected liver £9,976.00
Parkes, Eileen Department of Oncology How chromosomally unstable cancer cells co-opt fibroblasts £10,000.00
Thompson, Alexander Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Measuring protein aggregation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis £9,949.50
Timm, Kerstin Department of Pharmacology Cardiotoxicity testing of doxorubicin-analogues by mitochondrial metabolic profiling  £9,934.13
Wing, Peter NDM (Target Discovery Institute) Transcriptional profiling and single molecule quantification of  SARS-CoV-2 RNAs in the lung of experimentally infected hamsters. £8,439.20
Hodgson, Susanne Department of Biochemistry Screening for functionally potent naturally occurring antibodies against placental malaria £9,500.00
Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Chi, Gamma NDM (CMD) Protein engineering-based approach to a therapeutics development program for a human bile acid transporter £6,500
Draycott, Sally RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) Role of endothelial cell Jcad in pregnancy induced vascular remodelling  £9,901
Blackford, Andrew Department of Oncology Identifying and targeting synthetic lethal interactions of RecQ helicases £10,000
Rose, Anna Department of Paediatrics Development of oncolytic viruses for treatment of ATRX-deficient brain and bone tumours £10,000
Davis, Lianne Department of Pharmacology Decoding lysosomal Ca2+ nanodomains by unique dynamic channel-interactomes £4,493.65
Shah, Pranav NDM (Structural Biology) Visualizing virus replication in a 3D cell culture system £9,980
Arora, Anjali Department of Oncology Establishment and characterisation of a panel of patient derived organoid models of human breast cancer to study tumor microenvironment and drug resistance £10,000
Odon, Valerie RDM (Investigative Medicine) Identification of ssRNA triggering MDA5  £9,700
Vitiello, Elisa Department of Biochemistry Deciphering the influence of microenvironment stiffness on cell cycle progression £10,000
Elliott, Paul Department of Biochemistry Tools to uncover the function of a giant ubiquitin ligase £10,000
Pohin, Mathilde NDORMS (KIR) In situ analysis of the tumour microenvironment in oncomicrobe-characterised colorectal cancers £9,900
Stylianou, Elena NDM (Jenner Institute) Understanding the immune relationship behind TB, vaccination and hyperglycemia £9,988.85
Keen, Adam RDM Cardiovascular Medicine The role of ITGB4BP in angiogenesis £9,983
Louphrasitthiphol, Pakavarin Oxford Ludwig Institute Characterisation of dormant and stem-like population in PDAC £9,990.80
Band, Gavin Human Genetics WT Centre Reviving and phenotyping malaria parasites that can infect children with sickle trait £9,162.94
Park, Kyung Chan Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (AV) Strengthening the case for propionylation as a functionally significant post-translational modification in cardiometabolic disease £10,000
Adams, Oliver Biochemistry Structurally characterising preclinical inhibitor complexes of M. tuberculosis MmpL3: an emergent therapeutic target £10,000
Bragg, Fiona Population Health Adiposity, type 2 diabetes and infectious disease risks: causal and mediating pathways £6,000
Capel, Rebecca Pharmacology (BW) Molecular characterisation of cardiac function in Niemann-Pick Disease Type C £9,996.16
Sharott, Andrew Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Modulation of functional connectivity and bimanual coordination by dual-site transcranial alternating current stimulation £9,400
Da Costa, Valeria NDORMS - Kennedy Towards the unravelling of ENO-1 specific B cell responses in PDAC long-term survivors £10,000
Lo Faro, Maria Letizia Surgical Sciences (HJ) Improving quality in organ donation: investigation of mitochondrial dysfunction in organ donation after brain (DBD) and circulatory death (DCD) £9,571.90
Danielli, Sara NDORMS - Kennedy CALHM6 controls natural killer cell activity in inflammation induced colorectal cancer £10,000
Grist, James Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (AV) Pump Priming the Detection of Early Inflammatory Activity and Suppression in Multiple Sclerosis £9,963.52
Sarkies, Peter Biochemistry Developing new methods to detect DNA damage induced by DNA methyltransferases  £10,000
Rao, Srinivasa Surgical Sciences (HJ) The role of the Anaphase Promoting Complex in genome duplication and repair £9,976.94
Carrique, Loic Structural Biology Structural investigation of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) genome encapsidation and reverse-transcription £9,800
Denisov , Stepan RDM Cardiovascular Medicine LYTAC-peptide conjugates for targeted chemokine degradation £10,000
Keown, Jeremy Structural Biology Discovering the molecular details of transcription in cytoplasmic pathogenic RNA virus polymerases £10,0000
Sim, Malcolm Target Discovery Institute Unleashing NK towards tumours cells via peptide-specific receptors £10,000
Tan, Kel Oncology Development of EGFR-targeting radioimmunoconjugate for cancer diagnosis and therapy £10,000


Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Covill-Cooke, Christian Biochemistry A search for the cardiolipin-phospholipase in human mitochondria £9,528
McDermott, Lucy Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Disarm SARM: identifying interacting SARM1 proteins to prevent chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy £9,690
Stylianou, Elena Jenner Institute Developing mRNA vaccines for tuberculosis  £10,000
Mehta, Vedanta RDM Cardiovascular Medicine The Role of Endothelial Mechanotransduction in the Vascular Adaptations to Pregnancy £9,975
Provine, Nicholas NDM Experimental Medicine Lymph node fine needle aspiration for studying immune priming in humans £10,000
Van Grinsven, Erinke NDORMS - Kennedy Location defines function: investigating neutrophil spatial heterogeneity throughout the inflamed joint £10,000
Handunnetthi, Lahiru Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Understanding the effects of viral infection on cortical development in schizophrenia  £10,000
Kepple, Jessica CCMP Glomerular diagnostics based on spatial transcriptomic and proteomic signatures from human renal biopsies. £9,994.79
Sharma, Sumana RDM Investigative Medicine Single cell transcriptomics of human CD8 T cells to characterise inhibitory signalling by immune checkpoints £9,600
Leung, Carol Sze Ki Oxford Ludwig Institute Developing vaccines against Epstein-Barr virus-associated diseases £9,923
Fullerton, James NDORMS - Botnar Does iron deficiency impair adaptive immunity? A pilot human challenge study £9,973.48
Glasgow, Arlene RDM Clinical Laboratory Sciences Evaluating the effects of the MUC5B rs35705950 polymorphism on alveolar type 2 cell response to injury £10,000
Ruan, Jia-Ling Oncology 3D bioprinting intestinal organoids for high throughput assessing normal tissue toxicity £10,000
Skelly, Donal Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Investigating the effects of degenerative brain disease on the immune response to vaccination £10,000
Park, Inhye NDORMS - Kennedy Investigating the role of a novel vascular macrophage subset in cardiometabolic disease £9,960
Mottahedin, Amin Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Molecular mapping of stroke penumbra for targeted therapy £9,257
Ghate, Arya NDM Experimental Medicine Immune cell heterogeneity in human breast milk and effect of breast milk on macrophages £10,000
Adamopoulou, Eleni CW – CRUK Centre Immune-profiling of malignant ascites from ovarian cancer patients as a route to sampling the tumour microenvironment £9,983.55
Sauer, David Centre for Medicines Discovery Establishing ELOVL assays for HTS compound screening £10,000
Abu-Hanna, Jeries RDM Clinical Laboratory Sciences Investigating the temporal changes in endothelial cell phenotype that contribute to coagulopathy following traumatic injury £7,473.86
Baretic, Domagoj Pathology Dunn School (BV) Molecular mechanisms of the cGAS regulation by ADP-ribosylation £10,000
Ainsworth, Matthew Experimental Psychology A causal study into the role of the amygdala within a distributed brain network underlying macaque social cognition £9,426.84
Burton, Rebecca A B Pharmacology (BW) Characterising a novel cardiac phenotype in Niemann-Pick Disease  Type C £9,980
Clarke, Joseph RDM Investigative Medicine A method for low-cost, high throughput CRISPR mediated gene editing of primary human T-cells. £9,570
Elajnaf, Taha Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health (HE) Functional and morphological characterisation of mammary cell mitochondria during the initiation of human lactation £10,000
Farah, Adham Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Using Micro-electrode Array (MEA) to test the impact of patient autoantibodies on sensory neuron excitability. £9,969.03
Gould, Nathaniel Psychiatry (HQ) The Bioenergetic Profile of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Patient Neurons Following Treatment with Novel QR2 Inhibitors £9,947
Reyat, Jasmeet Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (AV) Development of a vascularised cardiac organoid model of atrial fibrillation in sepsis £9,972
Stojanovic, Ozren Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (AV) Ultrastructural analysis of adipocyte lipid droplets in lipolysis £8,000