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Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Chi, Gamma NDM (CMD) Protein engineering-based approach to a therapeutics development program for a human bile acid transporter £6,500
Draycott, Sally RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) Role of endothelial cell Jcad in pregnancy induced vascular remodelling  £9,901
Blackford, Andrew Department of Oncology Identifying and targeting synthetic lethal interactions of RecQ helicases £10,000
Rose, Anna Department of Paediatrics Development of oncolytic viruses for treatment of ATRX-deficient brain and bone tumours £10,000
Davis, Lianne Department of Pharmacology Decoding lysosomal Ca2+ nanodomains by unique dynamic channel-interactomes £4,493.65
Shah, Pranav NDM (Structural Biology) Visualizing virus replication in a 3D cell culture system £9,980
Arora, Anjali Department of Oncology Establishment and characterisation of a panel of patient derived organoid models of human breast cancer to study tumor microenvironment and drug resistance £10,000
Odon, Valerie RDM (Investigative Medicine) Identification of ssRNA triggering MDA5  £9,700
Vitiello, Elisa Department of Biochemistry Deciphering the influence of microenvironment stiffness on cell cycle progression £10,000
Elliott, Paul Department of Biochemistry Tools to uncover the function of a giant ubiquitin ligase £10,000
Pohin, Mathilde NDORMS (KIR) In situ analysis of the tumour microenvironment in oncomicrobe-characterised colorectal cancers £9,900
Stylianou, Elena NDM (Jenner Institute) Understanding the immune relationship behind TB, vaccination and hyperglycemia £9,988.85
Keen, Adam RDM Cardiovascular Medicine The role of ITGB4BP in angiogenesis £9,983
Louphrasitthiphol, Pakavarin Oxford Ludwig Institute Characterisation of dormant and stem-like population in PDAC £9,990.80
Band, Gavin Human Genetics WT Centre Reviving and phenotyping malaria parasites that can infect children with sickle trait £9,162.94
Park, Kyung Chan Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (AV) Strengthening the case for propionylation as a functionally significant post-translational modification in cardiometabolic disease £10,000
Adams, Oliver Biochemistry Structurally characterising preclinical inhibitor complexes of M. tuberculosis MmpL3: an emergent therapeutic target £10,000
Bragg, Fiona Population Health Adiposity, type 2 diabetes and infectious disease risks: causal and mediating pathways £6,000
Capel, Rebecca Pharmacology (BW) Molecular characterisation of cardiac function in Niemann-Pick Disease Type C £9,996.16
Sharott, Andrew Clinical Neurosciences (HM) Modulation of functional connectivity and bimanual coordination by dual-site transcranial alternating current stimulation £9,400
Da Costa, Valeria NDORMS - Kennedy Towards the unravelling of ENO-1 specific B cell responses in PDAC long-term survivors £10,000
Lo Faro, Maria Letizia Surgical Sciences (HJ) Improving quality in organ donation: investigation of mitochondrial dysfunction in organ donation after brain (DBD) and circulatory death (DCD) £9,571.90
Danielli, Sara NDORMS - Kennedy CALHM6 controls natural killer cell activity in inflammation induced colorectal cancer £10,000
Grist, James Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (AV) Pump Priming the Detection of Early Inflammatory Activity and Suppression in Multiple Sclerosis £9,963.52
Sarkies, Peter Biochemistry Developing new methods to detect DNA damage induced by DNA methyltransferases  £10,000
Rao, Srinivasa Surgical Sciences (HJ) The role of the Anaphase Promoting Complex in genome duplication and repair £9,976.94
Carrique, Loic Structural Biology Structural investigation of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) genome encapsidation and reverse-transcription £9,800
Denisov , Stepan RDM Cardiovascular Medicine LYTAC-peptide conjugates for targeted chemokine degradation £10,000
Keown, Jeremy Structural Biology Discovering the molecular details of transcription in cytoplasmic pathogenic RNA virus polymerases £10,0000
Sim, Malcolm Target Discovery Institute Unleashing NK towards tumours cells via peptide-specific receptors £10,000
Tan, Kel Oncology Development of EGFR-targeting radioimmunoconjugate for cancer diagnosis and therapy £10,000