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Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Akbar, Naveed RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) The Isolation of Extracellular Vesicles Using Microfluidics £10,000.00
Bottomley, Matthew Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Development of a mouse model to assess the impact of memory inflation upon transplantation £9,600.00
Chaudhury, Salma NDORMS (Botnar) Determining the National Prevalence, Mortality and Adverse Outcomes Following Shoulder Infections in the UK £10,000.00
Chen, Yi-Ling RDM (Investigative Medicine) Studying the host-bacterial interaction in skin inflammatory diseases £10,000.00
Clarke, William Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Measuring human brain high energy phosphate metabolism using 7T MRS during transcranial direct current stimulation. £10,000.00
Ellender, Tommas Department of Pharmacology Methodology for bidirectional control of histamine levels in the developing brain - relevance for Tourette's syndrome and OCD £9,794.00
Erickson, Andrew Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences INSTANCE - Combinatorial Spatial Transcriptomics And CODEX £10,000.00
Guida, Claudia RDM (OCDEM) Exploring the role of somatostatin in the metabolic benefits of bariatric surgery £10,000.00
Hodgson, Susanne NDM (Jenner Institute) Optimising PCR for Con-Infection Controlled Human Malaria Infection Studies £9,268.00
Lewandowski, Adam RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) The Cerebrovascular Phenotype of Children Born Preterm and Relationship with Cardiac Structure and Function £9,900.00
Lewis, Andrew RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) Defining the novel cardiovascular phenotype of IgG4-related disease £9,710.00
Mccorvie, Thomas NDM (Structural Genomics Consortium) Developing a novel therapy for classic homocystinuria by pharmacological chaperones. £10,000.00
Montenegro Mendonca, Luiza NDM (Structural Biology) Investigation of HIV Virological Synapse ultrastructure under near-native conditions £4,557.00
Ridley, Anna NDORMS (Botnar) Cellular Atlas of Synovial Fluid in Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) £8,339.00
Themistocleous, Andreas Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences The use of microneurography to understand chronic neuropathic pain £7,473.09
Zhang, Quan RDM (OCDEM) Paracrine feedback loops in pancreatic islets and their impact in hypoglycaemia £10,000.00