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Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Arruda Bezerra, Gustavo NDM (Structural Genomics Consortium) Structural characterisation of peptide transporters in the energy metabolism of Porphyromonas gingivalis to enable new antibiotic development £10,000.00
Ashley, Elizabeth NDM (Tropical Medicine and Global Health) Multicentre survey to estimate the prevalence of chronic hepatitis B in pregnant women in eight low or middle income countries £9,990.00
Babbs, Christian RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Identifying Novel Causes of Anaemia £9,941.00
Baruchin, Liad Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Investigation into the role of interneuron circuit development in schizophrenia £10,000.00
Beard, Daniel RDM (Investigative Medicine) Utilising shear-activated nanotherapeutics to selectively enhance collateral cerebral blood flow during stroke. £10,000.00
Becker, Esther Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Genome Editing Approaches to Improve Human Models of Medulloblastoma (Clinical Pre-Fellowship award to support Max van Essen) £10,861.44
Bowden, Rory NDM (Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics) Oxford Viromics Symposium £2,000.00
Brook, Matthew Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Characterisation of the immune infiltrate in kidney transplant biopsies from patients treated with cell therapy £9,957.68
Capitao, Liliana Department of Psychiatry Susceptibility to peer feedback and its relationship with emotional resilience following bullying experiences £10,000.00
Clynes, David Department of Oncology Establishing a novel toolkit for the study of DNA double strand break resection at telomeres £9,700.22
Douglas, Gillian RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) Defining the Role of the coronary artery disease Gene JCAD in Vascular Disease £10,000.00
Downes, Damien RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Generation of haplotype resolved whole genome sequencing for deciphering common disease. £10,000.00
Gibbs-Seymour, Ian Department of Biochemistry Mechanisms of DNA repair and genome stability £10,000.00
Gromak, Natalia Dunn School of Pathology R-Loops: New Therapeutic Targets in Cancer £9,791.00
Hallifax, Robert NDM (Experimental Medicine) Primary Pneumothorax Fluorescein-Enhanced Thoracoscopy (The PREFECT Study) £9,960.57
Iyadurai, Lalitha Department of Psychiatry Disrupting memory for witnessed psychological trauma: pilot study of a novel cognitive science-derived intervention for emergency department staff £4,845.00
Jeziorska, Danuta RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Establishing tools for dual RNA labelling in living cells to investigate how shared enhancers regulate expression of two genes £9,875.00
Johnson, Stephanie NDPH (BDI) Addressing the ethical questions in genomic informed public health surveillance and outbreak investigation £10,000.00
Kendal, Adrian NDORMS (Botnar) Investigating microfibril regulation of human cell sub-types in degenerative tendon disease £9,996.61
Lee, Regent Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Validation of a biomarker panel for the prediction of growth of abdominal aortic aneurysms in humans £2,500.00
McLaughlin, Kerry RDM (OCDEM) The role of tetraspanin-7 in insulin secretion from pancreatic β-cells £10,000.00
Monaco, Claudia NDORMS (KIR) Clinical Pre-Fellowship Support for Suzanne Engelen £10,861.44
O'Shea, Jacinta Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Boosting brain plasticity by manipulating gut bacteria? £9,672.50
Oudelaar, Aukje Marieke RDM (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) Investigation of the role of non-coding mutations in blood cancer development by integrating whole-genome sequencing and functional genomic approaches £10,000.00
Pauklin, Siim NDORMS (Botnar) Elucidating the function of TET enzymes in pancreatic cancer stem cells £10,000.00
Redfield, Christina Department of Biochemistry Access to Ultra-high Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy for Biomedical Scientists in Oxford £9,209.70
Sallet, Jerome Department of Experimental Psychology Interdepartmental consortium for ultrasound neurostimulation £5,600.00
Sasson, Sarah NDM (Experimental Medicine) Tissue-resident memory T-cell (TRM) response in severe Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) £9,469.00
Sezgin, Erdinc RDM (Investigative Medicine) Role of plasma membrane lipids in Niemann-Pick disease Type C  £10,000.00
Soni, Anushka Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Ultrahigh-field  7T neuroimaging to stratify patients with fibromyalgia and investigate response to multimodal rehabilitation treatment. £9,600.00
Veprik, Anna Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Unlocking the ACC1-mTOR axes in pancreatic alpha cells £10,000.00
Viney, Tim Department of Pharmacology Glass electrode recordings in freely moving mice £8,480.00
Young, Laura Department of Experimental Psychology Investigating the effects of optical errors in the eye on real life visual tasks £10,000.00
Zacharopoulos, George Department of Experimental Psychology The development of novel dopamine biomarkers using magnetic resonance spectroscopy  £8,150.00