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Applicant Department Title Amount Awarded
Becker, Esther Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Development of a novel mouse model for cerebellar ataxia £9,911.49
Burton, Rebecca Department of Pharmacology Exploring two pore channels (TPC2) and their contribution to calcium signalling in the atri £9,982.00
Geremia, Alessandra NDM (Experimental Medicine) Microbial-host interactions involved in the response to bariatric
Gullerova,Monika Dunn School of Pathology Phosphorylated RNA polymerase II CTD Tyrosine-1 and Dicer promote DNA damage response  £10,000.00
Holmboe, Karla Department of Psychology Developing an eye-tracker based semi-automatic coding system for infant looking behavior. £10,000.00
Kumin, Michelle NDM (Experimental Medicine) Reducing Implant Infection in Orthopaedics (RIIiO) Pilot Study £8,100.00
Kusumbe, Anjali NDORMS (KIR) Role of Vascular Microenvironments in Regulating Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) £10,000.00
Lim, Ngee Han NDORMS (KIR) £10,000.00
Mittal, Shruti Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences Cardiac co-morbidity, cardiac events and mortality in people with type 1 diabetes and renal failure and the impact of pancreas transplantation. £9,235.00
Nicholson, Judith Department of Oncology Targeting Non-Histone Protein-Bromodomain Interactions in the
DNA Damage Response
Psallidas, Ioannis NDM (Experimental Medicine) Personalised treatment for malignant pleural effusion £10,000.00
Reilly, Svetlana RDM (Cardiovascular Medicine) Role of miR-31-calcitonin receptor signalling in pro-fibrotic remodelling in atrial fibrillation. £9,997.60
Rowland, Matthew Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences Investigating the role of ketones in early brain injury following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest £10,000.00
Watt, Fiona NDORMS (KIR) Towards Clinically Applicable Biomarkers for Arthritis £9,990.00
Yavari, Arash Radcliffe Department of Medicine Defining a novel physiological role for γ2 AMP-activated protein kinase in the regulation of adiposity  £9,828.65
Zaborowska, Justyna Dunn School of Pathology CDK13: an emerging therapeutic target £10,000.00
Zivanovic, Sanja Department of Paediatrics Optimization of tidal volumes during neonatal resuscitation at birth £4,752.00