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Researchers from Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, Radcliffe Department of Medicine and Nuffield Department of Population Health have been recgonised in The Genetics Society 2023 awards.

Louisa Zolkiewski, Cecilia Lindgren and Doug Higgs
From left to right: Louisa Zolkiewski, Cecilia Lindgren and Doug Higgs

Louisa Zolkiewski

Louisa Zolkiewski (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics), who completed her DPhil studies this year, has been awarded the 2022 Bruce Cattanach Prize by the Genetics Society for her DPhil thesis. Louisa is the Society's inaugural winner of the prize.

Read more about Louisa's award on the DPAG website

Cecilia Lindgren

Cecilia Lindgren, Director of the Big Data Institute and Professor of Genomic Endocrinology & Metabolism at Nuffield Department of Population Health, has been awarded the 2023 Mary Lyon Medal by the Genetics Society. Named after the distinguished geneticist Mary Lyon FRS, the award was established in 2015 to recognise outstanding research in genetics by scientists who are in the middle of their research career.

Read more about Cecilia's award on the Big Data Institute website

Doug Higgs

Doug Higgs, Emeritus Professor in the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, has been awarded the 2023 Genetics Society Medal. The award recognises Professor Higgs major contribution to our understanding of how mammalian genes are switched on and off, and using haematopoiesis as a model to understand how genes function.

Read more about Doug's award on the Radcliffe Department of Medicine website