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Congratulations to all our Biomedical Sciences students and Medicine students who have been awarded prizes during the 2022-2023 academic year.

John Potter Essay Prize

The prize, to the approximate value of £300, is offered annually and is open to clinical students working in Oxford for the Second Examination for the degree of Bachelor of Medicine.

The prize will be awarded for an essay on a clinical neurosurgical, neurological or neuropathological topic. The primary purpose of the prize will be the promotion of sound use of English and clarity of expression in medical writing. 

Joint winners:

  • Gabrielle Cognacq, Graduate Entry, Year 3 (St Peter's College)
  • Lena Zhu, Graduate Entry, Year 3 (Green Templeton College)

There were a record 13 entries for the prize in 2022/23.  The prize amount is £300 so the joint winners will get £150 each.

General Clinical Studies Prize

  • Lottie Cansdal (St Hilda’s College)

Ledingham Prize in Medicine

Prize awarded for outstanding performance in Medicine in the General Clinical Studies Examination in Medicine and Surgery by the Examiners appointed for the Second BM examination:

  • Afrose Dor (Wadham College)

Mortensen Prize in Surgery

Prize awarded for outstanding performance in Surgery in the General Clinical Studies Examination in Medicine and Surgery by the Examiners appointed for the Second BM examination:

  • James Alden (Green Templeton College)

George Pickering Prize

Prize awarded for excellent performance in the Second BM examination:

  • Scarlett Harris (Magdalen College)

John Freind Prize in Medical History

  • Alexandra Knighton (Balliol College)

Sidney Truelove Prize in Gastroenterology

Prize, awarded annually to Clinical Medicine students, for an essay on a topic relating to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • Srishti Rentala Venkata (Keble College)

JL Witts prize in Haematology or Gastroenterology

Prize, awarded annually to Clinical Medicine students, for an essay on a topic relating to diseases either of the blood or of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • Beatrice Lander (Worcester College)

Renwick Vickers Prize in Dermatology

  • Isabella Busa (Brasenose College)


Prize awarded for the outstanding overall performance of a student admitted to the medicine course leading to the degrees of BM BCh (Oxon):

  • Scarlett Harris (Magdalen College)

Sir Roger Bannister Neurology Prize 2022

Prize awarded annually for performance in the Year 5 Medical Student Neurology attachment:

  • Desson Au-Yeung, Jesus College

Palliative Medicine Prize 2022-2023

The annual Palliative Medicine Prize is open to all Oxford clinical medical students who are invited to submit an essay on a current topic in Palliative Medicine.  Entrants are expected to demonstrate both a good grasp of the relevant philosophical, ethical and legal frameworks as well as using their experiences in practice as a lens through which to consider the clinical implications for individual patients and families.

Joint winners:

  • Malaika Ivey, St Anne’s College
  • Iris-Mae Morse, Green Templeton College

Andrew Markus Essay Prize in Medical Ethics 2023

An annual student essay prize in Medical Ethics has been established in memory of Andrew Markus. Essays are invited from all medical students that contain an analysis of an ethical issue arising in medical practice, broadly conceived.

  • Winner – Antoni Krupa, Corpus Christi College
  • Second place – Ariff Castronovo, Pembroke College
  • Runners up: Tolu Atilola (Worcester College), Tom Hatfield (Lincoln College), Rebecca Howitt (The Queen’s College), Tara Slade (St Peter’s College) and Morganne Wilbourne (St Peter’s College)

R.B. Duthie Prize 2022/23

This prize fund was established to mark the retirement of Professor R.B. Duthie as Nuffield Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery. A prize of £300 will be awarded annually to the best research, audit or quality improvement project undertaken by any clinical medical student in the field of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Trauma or Emergency Medicine.     

  • Jesse Kimani, Green Templeton College

Peter Tizard Prize in Paediatrics 2022/23

The prize is awarded annually. The 3 to 5 students with the combined highest scores in the paediatric components of the end of year 5/GE year 3 exam (both MCQ and OSCE) will be invited to give a presentation to two examiners. The most outstanding student will receive the prize.

  • Iwan Raza, Worcester College
  • Isabella Busa (Brasenose College) and Rebecca Howitt (The Queen’s College) were awarded proxime accesserunt. 

Moher Prize in Primary Care 2022-23

The Moher Prize is the annual year 5 / GE year 3 student prize in Primary Care worth £300. The prize is awarded based upon a submission focusing on a topical Primary Care issue. There were a record 12 entries for the prize in 2022/23.

  • Ryan Danvers (Oriel College) - Ryan’s project focused on creating a more equitable pathway for adult ADHD diagnosis in primary care, inspired by prolonged waiting times in the current NHS system.