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Congratulations to all our Biomedical Sciences students and Medicine students who have been awarded prizes during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Meakins McClaran Medal

Prize awarded for the outstanding overall performance of a student admitted to the medicine course leading to the degrees of BM BCh (Oxon):

  • Lily Watson, Jesus College

John Potter Essay Prize

The prize awarded for an essay on a clinical neurosurgical, neurological or neuropathological topic. The primary purpose of the prize will be the promotion of sound use of English and clarity of expression in medical writing.

  • Remarez Sheehan, Year 5, St Peter’s College

Jill and Herbert Hunt Travelling Scholarship 2022

The scholarship, for the purpose of conducting clinical studies/research in medicine abroad, has been awarded to:

  • Imogen Mechie, New College

proxime accesserunt: Soham Bandyopadhyay, St Hilda’s College and Sarah Barber, Worcester College

Moher Prize in Primary Care 2021-22

The theme for the prize is encouraging innovation in Primary Care by the next generation of doctors. The aim is for students to develop their knowledge and skills beyond the standard requirements of the Year 5/GE 3 Primary Care course.

  • Lilian Hartman, Lincoln College

Peter Tizard Prize for Paediatrics 2021/22

The Peter Tizard Prize for Paediatrics (Year 5 / Year 3 Graduate Entry) has been awarded as follows:

  • Lottie Cansdale, St Hilda’s
  • Proxime accessit: Scarlett Harris, Magdalen College

The prize is awarded each academic year. The 3 to 4 students with the combined highest scores in the paediatric components of the end of year 5/GE year 3 exam (both MCQ and OSCE) will be invited to give a presentation to two examiners. The most outstanding student will receive the prize.

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