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With the University of Oxford's Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund now open for applications, a new series of case studies highlights projects from the Division which have received funding

Researcher in a classroom filled with children
Workshop session at Wolvercote Primary School with Marta Valente Pinto. Image courtesy of Marta Valente Pinto.

Over the years, several researchers in the Medical Sciences Division have successfully applied for Public Engagement with Research seed funding, and a new series of case studies highlights these projects, and how the fund supported them. From science theatre in Thailand to classroom activities raising awareness of whooping cough, researchers have had diverse projects funded to engage the public with their research, and offer inspiration to anyone considering applying.

The University of Oxford's Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund is now open for applications. This small grants scheme provides funds for researchers to develop, deliver and evaluate Public Engagement with Research activities, and helps to foster a culture of engaging non-academic audiences with research.

View the case studies 

Apply for funding

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