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University of Oxford

Innovation Building, Old Road Campus

Roosevelt Drive

Oxford, OX3 7FZ

Elen Wade-Martins

Innovation Project Manager

My role is to build entrepreneurial places and communities for medical sciences in Oxford. 

As Business Manager during the pre-opening phase for our medical sciences incubator, the BioEscalator, I was involved in every aspect of planning the design, operations and strategy. I still work with the BioEscalator team, ensuring that we deliver our promise to nurture our start-up bioscience companies and enrich the Oxfordshire ecosystem. I am also part of the team that is planning our next exciting innovation development: a translational medicine campus at the Churchill hospital site. We are designing a space for our researchers, clinicians and collaborators to come together to advance new treatments to the clinic. I am also involved in other, related innovation projects and sometimes take on short-term innovation assignments to get a project up and running. 

My background is in research and early-stage innovation, having worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Begbroke Science Park, Saïd Business School and Oxford University Innovation (OUI).