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How to gain Oracle R12 shopper access

In order to get access to Oracle R12 you need to email Edwin Kiarie asking to be added. Please send us your name, Oxford University email address, Single Sign-On (SSO) name. 

Once we have the information and confirmations above we can fill in and submit a form to the Central University requesting you be given access. This can take up to five working days to process, at the end of which time you should get an email confirming this has been done and giving you instructions on how to log into R12.


Before the University will grant anyone Shopper access they need to complete the "Shopper" training course. This can be done online through the University's CoSy training portal (and you register by following the instructions below.

  • Sign into CoSy and then click on the Course Search option.

  • Type "Shopper" and run the search, and you'll see that it's the 5th option down the list, called simply "Shopper".

  • Click on the green downward arrow next to the line and then it gives you the option to Book.

  • Click through the various "Next Step" screens and it should then check out and send you the information you need to access the course.

You can work through the various modules of the course at your own pace, and can stop and then come back to the course at any point, but you will need to complete all of the course before access will be granted.

Successful completion should be confirmed by an email from the University Finance Training team. Please note that this email will instruct you to complete an R12 access form, but we will have already submitted this on your behalf if you've contacted us as per the section above.


You should have had instructions on how to log into R12, including giving you your temporary initial password, in an email when your access form. If you cannot find this email (or if you have lost or forgotten your password at any stage) then you can access R12 using the following steps.

  • Go to the University Finance homepage (making sure you're on the University network, either by cable or VPN) 

  • Click the "Login" button labelled for Financials R12 Live

  • Type your Username, which will be your SSO ID

  • Click "Forgot Password" and it should give you step by step instructions to reset your password, which will be done via an email to your University email address.

Once this is done, please return to the login page and you should now be able to access R12. If you have successfully completed your Shopper training course then you should see the "UO iProcurement – Shopper" option in the Main Menu on the left hand side of the page.


Flight Levy Recharging

Under the new Travel Policy implemented from 1 August 2022 all University business Travel will be charged a levy of £30 per tonne of carbon emitted

The first flight levy recharge will be completed in the week commencing 17 October 2022 for travel booked or expensed 1-31 August 2022. Flight levies will be recharged monthly after that.

For departments booking through Key Travel, the flight levy amounts are calculated by Key Travel and recharged accordingly.

All other bookings (expensed claims, Barclaycard purchases, and other travel providers), the flight levy is calculated based on levy averages of the Key Travel bookings to those regions. Regional averages are used because the information available on these bookings is less complete.

Adding a new supplier/supplier amendment

New supplier

Before requesting a new supplier please check the existing suppliers are on the system as well as the preferred supplier list

Dependent on the service/goods required please check internally to see if it can be provided by from University departments i.e catering

In order to get a new supplier added onto Oracle please see the process below:

  1. A new suppler requisition will be raised. 

  2. This needs both departmental as well as central purchasing approval. 

  3. Once approved, electronic forms will be sent out to the supplier for completion. This is to capture the company profile details, addresses, bank details etc.

  4. When the above has been completed and re-submitted, purchasing will review the forms and together with the payments team the company record will be set-up in oracle. 

  5. We will then be able to raise a purchase order and submit the invoice for payment.