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Learning Technologies

Technology for teaching, learning and assessment: assistance and software development

We can offer:

  • Help with using technology for teaching, learning and assessment for courses taught at Oxford & at a distance
  • Multiple educational technologies, from delivering an online exam and help with Canvas, to creating bespoke, interactive simulations, online experiments and websites

Recent projects that we’ve worked on include:

  • CSlide - virtual microscopy system which allows users to dynamically view slides on the web, at up to 40x magnification. Find out how CSlide is being used for teaching and learning and to preserve the history of medicine 
  • iCases – a tool which allows academics to present engaging and realistic decision-making scenarios to their students, online
  • Simulation modelling and online virtual experiments – websites that allow students to virtually experiment with parameters to aid their understanding of complex systems, or undertake virtual lab work that would be too time-consuming, costly or dangerous in the 'real' world.

Further details of some of our many projects and services below and/or get in touch with us – we’re always happy to help with new ideas to improve teaching and learning at Oxford.

Our Team

Teaching, learning & assessment

Online Assessment

Every year, we deliver more than 160 online assessments to a total of over 17K participants. Over 50 of these are formal University exams


Easy-to-use content management system which delivers text, images, video, questions and more


Engaging decision-making scenarios


Virtual microscopy in an innovative historical repository


We manage MSD’s presence on the University’s VLE

Simulation Modelling/Virtual Experiments

Playing with parameters in complex systems and simulating experiments to allow students to concentrate on the science

PULSE - Pop-Up Learning Space Experiment

A MSD Teaching Excellence Award has allowed us to purchase a set of 35 Windows tablets (with keyboards) to pilot mobile assessment & learning spaces

Teaching support


Tracking attendance at events using University card barcodes


A tool for enabling students choose course options

Legacy Systems

MSD Feedback system, Electives Explorer & Feedback Gets Results and more...

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