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The University encourages all staff to make the most of opportunities to enhance their training and professional development. In addition, all employees in the UK with more than 26 weeks’ service are entitled to time off for training.

The Medical Sciences Division expects that research staff who are beyond the probationary period* will at that point be granted a minimum of 10 days’ paid time off in a twelve-month period, for professional and/or career development activities to meet an agreed development need. Appropriate solutions may include attendance at conferences, teacher training, supervisor training, management training and personal development activities that they have identified, relevant to their job and career.

These expectations do not in turn commit the department, the Division or the University to providing any financial support for such development activities but will need to be agreed by the individual and their manager on a case by case basis.

Specific reference should be made to any requirements from the funder, including eligibility criteria. Annual “allowances” that are not fully exhausted will not normally be carried forward to future years. Pro rata “allowances” will be provided for part time staff. Communication of this expectation will be cascaded via the current channels within the Medical Sciences Division.

*Research staff who are still within their probationary period will have the usual recommended mid and end of probation reviews, which will include discussions on learning and development needs and will agree development solutions as appropriate. Further guidance can be found on the POD website.

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