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At the end of the first year in post, you can expect to have a Personal Development Review (PDR) with your line manager or equivalent. Use this opportunity to review the progress you have made over the last year, discuss what additional support you might need over the coming year, and, if appropriate, what your further career plans are and what support might be available to help you fulfil those.

In preparing for your PDR, you should reflect on:

  •  Your main responsibilities and activities you have undertaken over the previous year and any changes to these
  • Your main achievements, including the extent to which you have met your goals and any difficulties or obstacles you may have encountered
  • How your activities and achievements reflect what was anticipated at the start of the period
  • Your proposed aims and goals for the next year and suggestions for improvements or changes
  • Any additional support you may need, including training or development
  • Future career plans
  • Citizenship activities undertaken
  • Grant awards applied for and achieved
  • Papers drafted and published during the last 12 months
  • Presentations delivered
  • Conferences, workshops and scientific meetings attended
  • Teaching opportunities
  • The potential for college affiliation (if desired)

Your department will have their own forms, processes and guidance for undertaking PDR’s but additional support including guidance and FAQ’s for reviewees can be found on “POD’s PDR Pages” 

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