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In the Medical Sciences Division we are:

  • Working to break down barriers and taboos by informing and educating line managers.  Effective management of team members with menopausal symptoms which are impacting their work will help you to improve your team’s morale, retain valuable skills and talent and reduce sickness absence. See 'Menopause – a Guide for Managers' for more information. We are aiming to include guidance about the menopause in the induction of new line managers.
  • Working to raise awareness of the menopause for staff or students through these pages and spreading the word via the divisional HR Network by newsletters and meetings. 
  • Working to facilitate conversations and help our staff and students to find language they are comfortable with. We hope to identify Menopause Champions who can offer confidential support and guidance for those who experience difficulties relating to the menopause.
  • Aiming to create a menopause café for staff or students in the division. A Menopause Café is a forum for people to gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss menopause. Our online café will be offered as an accessible, respectful and confidential space that is open for all, regardless of gender or age. Anyone who signs up has the option of remaining anonymous, although the event works best where people can speak freely in the knowledge that what is discussed is personal and confidential and will not be disclosed outside the café. It is not intended to lead people to any conclusion, product or a course of action.

And we plan to do:

  • Work closely with Central HR to develop University wide policies and support
  • Events with our network of HR colleagues across the division, to raise awareness.

The impact of menopause in the workplace is clear. But despite there being more than 5 million working staff or students aged between 45 and 60, there is still a dearth of support, awareness and understanding, driven by misplaced taboos and stigma that need to be dispelled.

Studies show that over 70% of menopausal people feel their performance has been impacted by their symptoms, combined with over 50% feeling their company culture was not supportive or open enough with regards to menopause. It is clear that there is a significant amount to do, and our sector should be looking to highlight the topic of menopause and drive improvements within our own organisation as quickly as possible.

The Menopause at Work - new eLearning Course has been launched by People & Organisational Development. The new eLearning course – Menopause at Work – provides some useful context for those wanting to learn more about the impact that menopause can have in the workplace. 

Some new University resources to support those experiencing negative effects of menopause have now been launched on the HR Support website.  This Guidance is for line managers and staff and looks at the ways that menopause can impact individuals in the workplace and what managers can do to support them, and also contains links to external sources of support.