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  • Employees are entitled to 38 days of paid annual leave, inclusive of eight public holidays (pro rata for part-time staff and staff who work a non-standard week)
  • Any locally agreed departmental closure days will be deducted from the total entitlement of 38 days
  • Holiday accrual begins from the first day of your employment. For staff with less than a year’s service the amount of annual holiday allowed will be calculated on a pro rata basis
  • Holidays are to be taken at times approved in advance by your manager
  • The normal leave year runs from 1 October to 30 September
  • The University’s rule on carrying forward leave is that only in exceptional circumstances, and subject to the agreement of the Secretary of Medical Sciences Division, may up to five days of any balance of the annual entitlement be carried forward from one year to the next

Further information about holiday entitlement (e.g. holiday accrual during sickness absence and maternity, leave for religious reasons).

Staff can use Teamseer to make holiday bookings and record sickness absence.

Long Service Leave

  • Employees who will have completed the required number of years of continuous service during the leave year (i.e. 1 October – 30 September) will be entitled to an extra day’s leave at the beginning of the leave year. Long service leave will be pro rata for part-time staff. Further information about long service leave.

For any questions regarding your holiday entitlement, please contact Ruth Hilland at