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University support staff

University support staff (i.e. grades 1 - 5) work 36.5 hours per week.

Academic-related Staff

Academic-related staff (i.e. grades 6 - 10) work such hours as are reasonably required to carry out their duties to the satisfaction of the head of department. However, for the purposes of calculating pro-rata salary and holiday entitlement for part-time staff, a notional figure of 37.5 hours per week should be used. 

For academic-related staff, there is an expectation that the number of working hours will be 37.5 hours per week on average (or pro rata for part-time staff), but there should be more flexibility in the actual number of hours worked from day to day and week to week. There should be more of an emphasis on delivery of tasks and fulfilling responsibilities rather than on the actual number of hours worked. For example, the member of staff may reasonable be expected to work more than 37.5 hours per week when the workload requires, and should not necessarily expect to be entitled to a precise amount of time off in lieu.


Overtime is defined as time which, with the approval of the line manager, is worked in excess of the hours specified in the contract of employment.

  • All staff employed in grades 1-5 are eligible for overtime.
  • Overtime can be taken either as time off in lieu (TOIL) or as paid hours. TOIL will be at single time, i.e. one hour off for every additional hour worked.
  • Any additional qualifying hours worked up to 36.5 hours per week will be paid at plain time.
  • Where compensation for overtime is to be paid, additional qualifying hours worked over 36.5 per week will be paid in accordance with the following schedule:

(a)   the first 7.25 hours of overtime working (in excess of 36.5 hours): time and a half

(b)   any subsequent hours of overtime working (i.e. on completion of 43.75 hours): double time.

  • Overtime on public holidays (where an individual is not contractually obliged to work on public holidays) will be paid at double time.

Academic-related staff are not eligible for overtime; however, members of staff who are requested to work on Bank Holidays or fixed days of closure will be compensated by equivalent time-off in lieu.