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This is the senior academic grade at Oxford. Professorships are always associated with an Oxford College but post holders do not hold a tutorial fellowship, and typically 100% of their salary comes from the University. The majority of professorships (also known as “Chairs”) are statutory, i.e. they are permanent posts within the University’s staff structure.


This is the main academic grade at Oxford. Most associate professorships are associated with an Oxford College tutorial fellowship (TF) but can also be without a tutorial fellowship (NTF), where the post holder receives 100% of their salary from the University in return for additional teaching and/or administrative duties in the department. Associate Professorships (clinical) are also affiliated with the relevant NHS Trust, and must be approved by the relevant Royal College.


Clinical Lecturerships at Oxford are fixed-term training posts designed for those aiming for a career in academic medicine, and are open to Specialist Registrars (SpR) or Specialty Registrars (StR). Post holders receive an equal amount of academic and clinical experience and training, the latter leading to the obtaining of the Certificate of Clinical Training (CCT). The Academic Clinical Lecturership (ACL) Scheme is also open to GPs who have completed a PhD/MD (or equivalent) and have completed their clinical training.