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Pfizer is a global biopharma company with a purpose to deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives, translating advanced science and technologies into therapies.  Their R&D efforts are focused on five core therapeutic areas: anti-infectives, inflammation and immunology, internal medicine, oncology and vaccines.

About the Oxford-Pfizer Alliance

Pfizer has a longstanding research relationship with the University of Oxford.  Together, we are tackling a broad range of research questions through collaborative research projects with the goal of accelerating drug discovery programmes.

Pfizer and the University of Oxford work collaboratively on research projects through Pfizer’s collaborative research funding models, including the Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI), which enables joint drug discovery on innovative therapeutic concepts.

CTI is an open innovation model that supports collaborative research between researchers from Pfizer and academic collaborators, with the goal of translating promising early-stage scientific concepts into viable therapies with breakthrough potential for patients.

The Business Partnerships Office work closely with Pfizer through regular interaction with a dedicated team at Pfizer across Europe and the US, allowing us to present them with novel opportunities, respond to their calls for new collaborative projects, and develop mutually beneficial scientific relationships.