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The University of Oxford has entered into a strategic collaboration with Janssen Immunology, to create a detailed cellular atlas across multiple immune-mediated inflammatory disorders (IMIDs).

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The Cartography project will develop a cellular map of genes and proteins implicated across a range of IMIDs and characterise pharmacologically relevant therapeutic targets to advance the understanding of disease mechanisms, enable treatment of patients with the most appropriate medications and accelerate the development of new therapies.

IMIDs affect a significant proportion of the population. Genetic association studies, functional studies, and clinical observations suggest that there is substantial overlap in the pathways that drive IMIDs affecting different organ systems, but the cellular mechanisms are largely unknown.

The Cartography project will apply the latest molecular and cellular multi-omics analysis platforms and computational methods to deliver insights for target selection and precision medicine for inflammatory disease indications of the intestine, joint and skin where existing options for therapeutic intervention are limited.

In 2022 the project has been expanded to include: Infectious Disease, Vaccines, Oncology and Neuroscience. These areas will utilize the infrastructure established already to address knowledge gaps in an efficient, multi-faceted approach.

The Cartography project is supported by Oxford investigators and Oxford-Janssen Cartography Fellows and the project is overseen by a Joint Steering Committee including representatives from the University of Oxford and Janssen.

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