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Image with circles around the key differences between the two brain 'slices' from a scan.
  • When we look at brain scan images, we cut the brain into different slices to see the different sections of the brain. These two images are actually two different slices taken from the same brain so if you look carefully you'll see that there are lots more differences beyond the ones that are highlighted.
  • The front of the card shows what it looks like from an MRI control room. There is a person in the scanner; you can just see his feet.
  • MRI scanners contain huge magnets so it is very important that you don’t have metal on your person. Any metal could get drawn towards the scanner by the magnet or heat up (even if it is in your body!).  
  • The magnet inside an MRI scanner is so strong it can lift a bus!

Researchers in the MRI scanner control room looking at an image of a brain on the screen.