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Completed word search for various key scientific words related to breathing and the brain.

Some of the words on this list might be new to you. Here is a bit more information:

  • Anticipation – Neuroscientists use this word to mean 'what do we expect to happen?'
  • Temporal – The temporal lobe is a part of the brain that houses areas responsible for memory and the meaning of words. It’s on the sides of the brain and sits next to your ear.
  • Interoception – This is the word we use to describe feelings inside our bodies like stomach rumbles, heart beat, and feeling out of breath.
  • Cortex – This is the area shown in a darker grey on the front of this postcard.
  • Frontal – The frontal lobe is in charge of decision-making and attention.
  • Parietal – The parietal lobe is at the top of the brain and is where information from our senses comes to and where signals telling us to move go from.
  • Occipital – The occipital lobe is at the back of the brain and is in charge of taking in information from the eyes and processing it.
  • Brainstem – The brainstem is in charge of automatic things like breathing, swallowing and jumping when we get scared. In terms of evolution, this is one of the oldest parts of the brain.
  • Cerebellum – This part of the brain has lots and lots of folds and is involved in movement and balance.
  • The image on the front of this card shows a type of MRI scan called a structural scan. In the picture, the black parts are filled with fluid, the pale parts are white matter (the brain's information highway) and the dark grey is called grey matter (where the brain activity happens).

'Slices' from a brain scan.