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Research Assistant, Breathe Oxford, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Lucy Marlow outdoorsMy research aims to develop a greater understanding of breathlessness in people with asthma: specifically, why symptoms don’t necessarily correlate with objective measures of lung function. I use behavioural investigations to look at mechanisms such as attention and sensitivity to changes in breathing.

My interest in neuroscience, and the role of the brain in how we experience the world and our bodies, grew through my undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. Since graduating, and while working with Breathe Oxford, my research with patients has helped me realise an ambition to study medicine and work with patients more regularly. The work of Breathe Oxford really highlights the importance of considering the body as a whole when treating disease, instead of only focusing on one area; I hope to take these principles with me into my medical career.  

I have always loved speaking to people about the research we do and potential careers in science. As I am still learning, there are so many different routes into science that you wouldn’t necessarily know about when you are making initial career choices. I am keen to share my excitement for science and hopefully encourage some future scientists.