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Kajani Sureshan is a Clinical Trial Administrator in the Experimental Medicine Division of Nuffield Department of Medicine. Here Kajani describes her career to date and what the role involves.

Number of years in clinical trial management

1 year

How did you get here?

I started as an Administrative Assistant at the Oxford Respiratory Trials Unit (ORTU) in May 2022 for the Platform COVID trial, PANORAMIC. I worked as part of the safety team where I acquired valuable knowledge of the way in which clinical trials are run.

What are you working on just now?

Recently, I took on my new role as Clinical Trial Assistant with ORTU on the pleural disease trial, RASPER. With a remarkable target of 36 recruiting centres from all over the UK, a typical day on RASPER involves me coordinating trial set up at the participating sites to ensure smooth and effective delivery of the study.

I have found my time at ORTU incredibly rewarding and as a BSc Pharmacology graduate it has been a continuation to my learning and has further fuelled my interest in medical research.

What education/qualifications do you have?

BSc Pharmacology

What skills or attributes are most valuable in your role?

My role demands me to be highly organised and a great team player allowing me to constantly push myself.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in trial management? 

If you enjoy structure and a little challenge and pace, there is definitely a job for you.

Why should someone come and work in Oxford?

The best aspect of the Oxford University CTUs is the emphasis on professional development for everyone, making it an excellent place to both begin and advance your career!