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Comprehensive guides to locating, accessing and managing data can be found here:

"Sourcing data for Athena Swan and EDI"

"Sourcing Student Data" (Coming soon!)


Data type How to access

Staff in post data

and Recruitment data

To request access to tableau Staff data and Recruitment Data you must do so via your data guardian – you can find more info on how to do so here:

Accessing Tableau | HR Systems (

This dataset also includes: Divisional and institutional benchmarks, leaver data, maternity leave/paternity leave/shared parental leave data and recognition of distinction data.

Promotion data

RoD Data can be found using the Athena Swan Tableau Datasets as above. Other title processes (eg. URL and Titular Associate Professor) are available via your divisional facilitator. Contact your Divisional facilitator.

Student cohort data

Student attainment data

Student recruitment data

Departments should use the tableau student data updated and maintained in datasets called ‘Annual Programme Statistics’ by SDMA, which can be found here [Tableau link].

To request access, please contact or follow the process outlined here: LINK

Full instructions and guides for locating  the correct datasets can be found in this document 'Sourcing Student Data' (coming soon).

MSD Benchmark document A document with internal and external benchmarking for your staff and student data (including across the Russell Group by speciality, student recruitment data by broader EDI categories, and clinical academic staff data by demographic) can be found here: MSD Benchmarking data.

Staff survey data

From 2016-2018 surveys were run centrally, and departments have access to these datasets via the divisional facilitator, or via your departmental Athena Swan teams.

From 2021 the staff surveying moved to an external company People Insight - to request access to the online results dashboard contact your Divisional facilitator.

Student Survey Data

Each year students are asked to respond to the student barometer (average 15% response rate) and departments can access this data by demographics, including sex, ethnicity and disability.

Overall student satisfaction by specialism/department against Uni average.

Dept Student satisfaction by demographic (sex/ethnicity/disability) against Uni average.

NB: Use the slider to select the year. If you do not have enough respondents in the year try a two/three year rolling average.

Other Student Surveys

Whilst the main staff survey does not include non contracted students, some departments have elected to survey their student cohorts alongside staff in a separate process. Since 2018 these surveys have been administered by the Divisional Athena Swan Facilitator. To find out if you have any student survey data in your department please contact your Athena SWAN lead, or the divisional facilitator. Contact your Divisional facilitator.

Student destination data

The Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey asks what leavers were doing six months after they qualified from their course to provide detailed analysis of career paths.

Destination of leavers results.


Staff leaver data

You may wish to conduct a regular review of staff leaving the department and any gendered issues here which needs an action to combat. Comprehensive leaver data is available via Tableau, and MSD has developed a workbook which automatically sorts your data and presents it in gendered format to assist any data gathering and analysis activities. Currently this is only available for ACARES staff.

Dataset can be accessed here: Leaver Reason Data.

Workbook an be found here: AS Leaver Data Workbook.

Grant application success rate by legal sex data

The X5 Gender report is available via the suite of departmental grant applications reports on Tableau. This provides information on application, award and success rates by legal sex. MSD have developed a workbook to analyse this data simply.

To request access to this dataset you can request access to these reports on the BI webpages.

Workbook can be found here: Grant Application Success Rates by Sex.

Staff and student internal training data

From September 2019 all University providers were offering training via a system called Access PlanIT, and since early 2022 this data is available to access by specific individuals. MSD have developed a workbook to simply sort these records by sex and role type.

More information can be found here: Self Service Training Data Records.

You can request access to this dataset here: Request access to Self Service Training Data.

Workbook can be found here: Training data by Sex and Role type.